[2 images][27 fan cams][Eng trans] Guest Rain at PSY’s All Night Stand 2018 concert. (12/23/2018)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Backstage with lifestyle entrepreneur Noh Hee Young.

Ughnnn… that VOICE! That curly mop top! Those black pants! And the whole stadium audience was SINGING THEM SONGS!!

Werk it, King Rain!! ^@@^

Rainism. (Source credit: 정아선 @ YT.)

Love Song. (Source credit: 정아선 @ YT.)

Multi-song fan cam panorama. The audience was hanging on his every movement! ^@@^ (Source credit: 네모필라 @ YT.)

Talking and laughing with the audience for 6+ minutes. ^@@^ (Source credit: 라이브퀴즈쇼라퀴공 @ YT.)

Fan cam collection, beginning with Avoiding The Sun. ^@@^ (Source credit: RAINCloud Europe @ YT.)

22-fan cam playlist by Yoshimin rain @ YT.

(Image credit: o_onezz via Rains Cloud Thailand @ Twitter.)

~ by Cloud USA on January 10, 2019.

3 Responses to “[2 images][27 fan cams][Eng trans] Guest Rain at PSY’s All Night Stand 2018 concert. (12/23/2018)”

  1. He SOUNDS better than ever though! I like the change ups he through in Love Song. ❤️💕🤪😘


  2. That top pic had me worried but I see in the video he still got dat booty. 👍😍

    I’m sure he’s thinner from making that athletic movie but we should all pray for our boy. I can see he’s got limited range of motion and while I know he’s getting older, I can’t help but think about hearing him talk about his back injury when I see him perform.


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