[2 clips][Rain post] Rain video salad. (Incl. a fun blast from the past!)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

11/25/2018. News clip, CNA Lifestyle. Korean star Rain at the Cartier boutique re-opening in ION Orchard, in Singapore. ^@@^ (Source credit: Channel NewsAsia @ YT.) ↓ ↓

11/25/2018. Rain posted a video from Singapore that was exactly what I needed that day. Talk about cheering me up, haha! That man was HANGRY! 🙂 ^@@^ ↓ ↓

May 2010. Clip, English subs, Win Win Show. Remember when Rain the Greco-Roman wrestler showed up on the streets of MyeongDong, conquered a team of trained athletes, and left? They were calling him Hercules, haha! This was during his Back To The Basic mini-album era. We were only like… 4 months old! ^@@^ (Source credit: KBS World / Courtesy of RainOEye1982 @ YT.) ↓ ↓

~ by Cloud USA on November 29, 2018.

One Response to “[2 clips][Rain post] Rain video salad. (Incl. a fun blast from the past!)”

  1. Hmmm… thanks for sharing


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