[3 images] Transcending borders: Rain in Asian Geographic Magazine Issue 4, 2018 (#132)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Magazine cap credit: hcyang0115 @ Twitter, 11/4.)

Popular Singapore-based magazine Asian Geographic recently released its 4th issue of the year, featuring its list of the 100 most astonishing and outstanding Asians from all walks of life, past and present. Singer-songwriter Rain made the list (on the cover, he’s 4th row down, last picture, on your right), and just by looking all over our media blog, it should be obvious as to why. He’s a proud Korean, a role model, a mentor, influential, philanthropic, world-conscious, and an amazing entertainer who practically brought the world to Korea’s doorstep and cracked opened doors out in the world for those who would follow.

Congratulations, Rain Oppa! Looks like PSY and ice-skating queen Kim YunA are on it as well. You can see AG’s Instagram post about the issue HERE. Please head over and support Rain in the comments!

The full list looks to be well rounded and thought out. Nice job, AG. I look forward to reading the whole thing. *thumbs up*

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

(Capture credits: CloudUSA. CLICK images for larger view.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 24, 2018.

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