[21 images] Rain check. (Incl. BOYLONDON, a museum, backstage, & a precious blast from the past.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

11/14/2018. He says, “Hahaha… looking forward to it.” (ㅎㅎㅎ 기대하셔) Hm. The meet with his official fan club The Cloud on December 2, perhaps? We shall see. ☺️ ^@@^


11/14/2018. GORGEOUS  images taken by someone visiting Seoul and finding one of the BOY LONDON shops there. Wow! ^@@^


10/14/2018. Rain at the Hammer Museum 16th Annual Gala in the Garden (South Coast Plaza), in Los Angeles. Some of you may also recognize actress Honey Lee, who was one of Rain’s co-stars in K-drama Please Come Back, Mister (2016). ^@@^ (Images credit: Getty Images / Hammer Museum / rain_oppa @ IG.)


9/29/2018. Some backstage shots at the PSY X Rain Lotte Card MOOV Soundtrack Vol. 3 concert. ^@@^

(With American model Lucky Blue Smith. Image credit: mealtopbingsoo)

(jeonseungwhee @ IG.)

(Rain… AND his crew! machowho @ IG.)



May 2017. THIS gets the Adorable Award of the Year. ❤

An old classmate of Rain’s was looking through old photos when she came upon an elementary school pic from a spring picnic, and WHO was sitting front and center with a red backpack, trying to keep the sun out of his eyes? Sixth grade Jung Ji Hoon! So adorable, I can’t stand it. Aww… ❤

There have been “little Rain” and “baby Rain” pics floating around out there for years that are not him, but this one is authentic. I mean, look at that precious little boy squinting against the brightness of the day.

@benijins IG comments translated:
“Finding pictures when I was young… After a long time, I opened the album… 6th grade spring picnic group photo…” #KimTaeHeehusband #Rain #JungJiHoon #boywithredbag #otherkidsblurred #noinfringementofrights #changseoelementaryschool ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on November 22, 2018.

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