[12 images][34 videos] Rain’s “Just For You” Asia Fan Meeting Tour stop in Thailand. (10/27)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain’s “Just For You” Asia Fan Meeting Tour stop in Bangkok, Thailand went off without a hitch. Will he be launching another fan meeting tour in the future? It’s impossible to know. But we’re all wondering because, back in July, he hinted on his Instagram that it might be somewhere. (at least that’s the way we all took it… but everyone could be wrong)

#Hongkong #Taiwan #Thailand #thenextis…

Gah, he’s such a tease! ^@@^

News clip. TrueMusic NNN. Cloud Thailand was in the house!

News clip. Inside News Tonight. (Courtesy of Nuk Skywalker @ YT.)

PLAYLIST: 16 fan cams. Courtesy of Yoshimin @ YT.)

PLAYLIST: 14 fan cams. Source credit: Rain4ever / Kwanbi Rain @ YT.)

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🎵"다시" (Again) 🎤 A gorgeous song from #rain_oppa's album MYLIFE, released December 2017 and available on iTunes here ➡️ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-life%E6%84%9B/1317235266 @rain_oppa #Rain Asia #fanmeeting tour #Bangkok #thosepipestho #Repost @smilingpugs.dad (@get_repost) • • • So much fun ka @anchanatuck – 2018 Rain Just For You ❤️😎 เสน่ห์ของ rain oppa ยังคงเรียกเสียงกรี๊ดจากแฟนคลับชาวไทย ❤️🇹🇭. ลีลา ยังคงแซ่บ เท่ น่ารัก ครบเครื่องเสมอ สำหรับตัวพ่อ 🇰🇷Kpop 👍👍🎉 #rainoppa #rain #2018rainjustforyouinthailand #thailandsociety – #regrann OPPA TOO CUTE RAIN @rain_oppa #rain #rainjustforyouinthailand #liveinbangkok #liveinbkk #bkk

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(Caps courtesy of Yoshimin.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 18, 2018.

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