[17 images][1 clip/1 cam] Rain arrives safely in L.A. for the 16th Korea Times Music Festival. (4/26)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

4/28. He posted these pics on Instagram around 6 hours ago. It’s been Raining on the streets of L.A. hehe~ ^@@^ (Images credit: rain_oppa @ IG)

Taking a load off at the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. in downtown L.A. Thanks, Crew man YongDuk!^^ (Image credit: dduks1225 @ IG)

4/26. Getting the heck out of Dodge LAX once he got here, barely seen by anyone, much less Clouds and fans! Am I surprised? Nope. Our airports in the States don’t play that stuff that overseas airports do. Homeland Security cuts any bedlam or pandemonium off at the knees. It has been thus since well before Cloud USA was born (2010). And, whereas I do understand why, we USA fans have always felt cheated and sad. It sucks. *SMH* ^@@^


4/26. Leaving Seoul via Incheon International Airport in charismatic, all black airport fashion. Now I can see why the Media was going crazy about our fashion plate’s outfit — that jacket is AMAZING, especially in the back. Luuurve it! ^@@^ (News clip source credit: Liveen TV News / 라이브엔liveen @ YT.)

(Images credit: TheWebDaily)

~ by Cloud USA on April 28, 2018.

2 Responses to “[17 images][1 clip/1 cam] Rain arrives safely in L.A. for the 16th Korea Times Music Festival. (4/26)”

  1. Yea, i was wondering if he had a cold or something and this is why he is using the mask. Anyway, He’s in the states, hopefully the all goes well for him and his crew. Maybe New York City in the near future. I can see him filling up the Theater at Madison Square Garden.


  2. It seems so weird seeing him with the mask on knowing it’s our airports. So glad nobody harassed him by misunderstanding cause NOBODY wears a mask here. Only Michael Jackson got away with that shizzle. lol


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