[3 articles][3 fan mades] Actors Rain & Lee Dong Gun: Sangdoo then, upcoming TV drama Sketch now.

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What is the significance of this news to Clouds, Rain fans, Lee Dong Gun fans, and K-drama aficionados, you ask? It’s a Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School (2003) mini-reunion of sorts, that’s what! 🙂

The ending to Sangdoo traumatized the hell out of me when I watched the drama 8 years ago (not to mention Gong Hyo Jin’s character willingly eating off of her dog’s leftover bone… *BAARRFFF*), so although I absolutely loved the relationship between “Sangdoo” and his little girl, I have not gone near the drama since. Maybe it’s time to try to let the hurt and horror go and give it a revisit? It’s a good story and a fun one, but… I think I’ll still have to meditate on that. *sad sniffle*

But back to this good news, which is being reported all over the place! And, not only are Rain and LDG going to be united in another TV drama (finally!), but they both happen to have brand new baby daughters, born in October and December respectively. Awww! 💟^@@^

(Rain and Lee Dong Gun: Sangdoo outtakes, LOL! Source: leedonggunthaifans @ YT.)
(Sangdoo Fan mades. Edit and credit: Naoko @ CloudUSA / Naoko[harudoful] @ YT.)

SBS News 3/5/2018 —

Rain and Lee Dong Gun revealed to be in conflict with each other?

On March 6, Korean actors RAIN and Lee Dong Gun confirmed their roles in a new drama ‘Sketch’.

The two will work together in a drama for the first time in 15 years since RAIN’s first-ever drama ‘Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School’ in 2003.

‘Sketch’ is an action and romantic drama, and the story depicts the fate and love of people who fight to change the future that has been already decided.

RAIN will be playing the role of an ace investigator in the Violent Crimes Division ‘Kang Dong Su’, and Lee Dong Gun will play a Special Forces soldier ‘Kim Do Jin’, who confronts ‘Kang Dong Su’ while planning to take his revenge on the murderer of his pregnant wife.

The production crew of ‘Sketch’ noted, “The two talented actors have built their strong acting career by acting in various genres of films and dramas up until this moment. They are now in their late 30s, and you will be able to see their maturity and manliness through this drama.”

As this would be RAIN’s return in a drama in two years, and the first drama for Lee Dong Gun after welcoming a baby girl to his family last December, many are excited to check out their new drama.

‘Sketch’ is set to air its first episode in May on JTBC.

(Lee Narin, Credit= ‘officialleedonggun’ ‘raincompanyrain’ Facebook, SBS funE)

(SBS Star)

SOOMPI News 3/5/2018 — by DY_Kim

Lee Dong Gun To Join Rain In Upcoming Action Drama

Lee Dong Gun has selected his next drama!

On March 5, his agency FNC Entertainment commented, “Lee Dong Gun is confirmed to star in JTBC’s ‘Sketch.’”

“Sketch” is an action drama about the fate and love of people who are fighting to change their destinies. It was previously revealed that Rain will be starring in the drama.

Directed by Im Tae Woo, who previously worked on “Yoo Na’s Street” and “The Duo,” “Sketch” is scheduled to begin airing in May.

Source (1)

SOOMPI News 2/13/2018 — by E. Kang

Rain Confirmed To Star In New JTBC Action Drama

Rain has decided on his next small screen production!

Confirmed by sources from both JTBC and his own agency, Rain will be starring in JTBC’s upcoming summer drama “Sketch” (working title). The singer had originally declined last month, but reconsidered his decision after receiving the offer once more. This will mark Rain’s first drama in two years, after SBS’s “Please Come Back, Mister.”

“Sketch” is an investigative, action drama that showcases the love and fate of those who struggle to change their destinies. The script will be written by Kang Hyun Sung, who has worked on tvN’s “Hidden Identity,” MBC’s “Chosun Police Season 3,” and film “The King’s Case Note.”

“Sketch” is planned to premiere sometime in May or June of this year.

Source (1) (2)

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4 Responses to “[3 articles][3 fan mades] Actors Rain & Lee Dong Gun: Sangdoo then, upcoming TV drama Sketch now.”

  1. I am just of happy we do not have to wait forever to see the new drama. I feel I may not be around when the last two movies he made, see the light of day. He is such a talent actor. I love him in romantic comedies but it will be great to see him in something new and really dramatic. I agree I am willing to enjoy a short series as long as it a will written and directed drama. We all now who K drama writers can write themselves into a corner. I will be lighting candles.


  2. The script writer is the one who wrote Hidden Identity?! Well I hope that was a fluke and he’d better not create something for Rain that I can’t finish! I usually can endure anything, any massive number of episodes, no matter how bad just to keep looking at my biases. But I couldn’t finish Hidden Identity even for the sake of Kim Bum. 😔


    • Oh, no! Say it ain’t so! (Haven’t seen Hidden Identity) *gasp*

      Stephe ^@@^


      • You’re not missing anything. I made it to around episode 11 and dropped it. I picked it back up a long while later because I’m one of those OCD- can’t- have -an- unfinished collection of anything, especially if I’ve already put so much time into it. It was awful and I can pretty much enjoy anything if there’s a pretty boy to look at.


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