[15 images][news] Rain check. (Incl. Endless August, a PC launch, a bite at an eatery, and Uhm Bok Dong.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

3/9. If I’m understanding correctly (language barrier!), the sibling of the Chinese actress in this portrait painted it from looking at a still photo from Rain’s long-awaited Chinese TV drama Endless August! Oh, heavenly day! It’s not often that I see a Rain image that I can’t place, and I sure as heck could not place this one, but that was why. Huge thanks to hcyang0115 on Twitter for sharing this info! What a wonderful painting and artist. I can’t wait to watch the actual scene one day. ^@@^ (Credit: 翟仟民 [zhaiqianmin] @ Weibo, as tagged)

(Weibo post cap by Cloud USA)

° ° °

(Image credit: AcuteAngleCloud @ Twitter.)

3/9. Acute Angle, an innovative technology company based in Hong Kong, tweeted at us to let us know that Rain will be a special guest at their March 16 press conference in Korea, where their new PC will be launched. Thanks, AA! It’s not showing on his official schedule on R.A.I.N. Company, but Rain and his management are pretty fast and consistent at refuting bogus stuff and they have not refuted this one. Yet. So…

I took a gander on over to their website and found our Magic Feet splashed all over their home page (view in English, Chinese, or Korean). Their new PC looks like a computer to be reckoned with, by the way. Wow! ^@@^

(Caps by Cloud USA)

Google Translated announcement per our Sunnypeony.

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3/1. Our favorite couple was spotted at an eatery close to their home called Sundance Place, and of course, the media across Asia went wild spreading the news. ^@@^

(Image credit: Elfffhand @ Naver Blogs.)

(Image credit: yoon_rosa @ IG.)

Incidentally, Rain himself put up a slideshow of the place several days before, on his Instagram (2/20). Seems he really likes it. 🙂 ^@@^

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2/28. According to a Kang Sora fan page on Instagram, Rain’s historical movie Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong, shot last summer, will be hitting movie screens in Asia this summer. Cool! 👍🏽 Apparently, lead actress Kang Sora told attendees this at a recent fan meeting. Huge thanks to them for sharing this info! ^@@^

° ° °

2/26. What would YOU do if Rain was over your shoulder and across the room? Hmm? hehe~ ^@@^

(Dosan Park image: jean_minism @ IG)

~ by Cloud USA on March 11, 2018.

3 Responses to “[15 images][news] Rain check. (Incl. Endless August, a PC launch, a bite at an eatery, and Uhm Bok Dong.)”

  1. I actually experienced it, but I was much closer! At his Ninja Assasin movie poster signing at a book store in New York. I cannot believe it has been almost nine years since I met him!
    Looking back, I truly manifested meeting RAIN because I use to think of him/ think of meeting him sooo much.


  2. That artist is amazing because I thought it was a camera snapshot that had been digitally stylized to look like a painting. And since I don’t really know how that works so may not be explaining what I mean correctly (or could be mis-using the right terminology) – I mean whenn there is a picture taken by a camera and someone paints over the picture (back in the day that’s how they did it but now I’m sure they do it with computers).


  3. Nice – it will take a lot of energy to restrain from interrupting him for a hello, hand shake, bow and of course a picture and autograph 🙂


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