[20 images][2 vids] ARENA HOMME+ makes it Rain for its February 2018 issue cover story.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As many of you have heard by now, our Magic Feet is the cover story for ARENA HOMME+ magazine’s February 2018 issue and he is showcased with high-end Montblanc leather bags, backpacks, document cases, timepieces, etc.

With it being a Valentine’s Day issue, ARENA and many news write-ups rightly called Rain “a romantic guy.” Which he is. 🙂

The cover and images are downright gorgeous, and both companies have done a stellar job in using ALL of their social media to make a buzz.

(This is just a small sample of the aforementioned news articles: Arena’s SMLounge, Sports Chosun, and OSEN.) Rain is no stranger to either ARENA or Montblanc, by the way. But that, dear Clouds and fans, is another post. 🙂

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on January 27, 2018.

15 Responses to “[20 images][2 vids] ARENA HOMME+ makes it Rain for its February 2018 issue cover story.”

  1. Am I the only one wondering why Bi Rain has/is not performing at the PeyongChang Olympics 2018? Very dissapointing!


  2. Well, ladies, I’m just gonna put it this way, heheh…

    Jung JiHoon is married. His stage alter ego, Rain, technically is not and is readily available for our fantasies and/or dreams.

    Of course, that does not mean JiHoon can do whatever he wants and blame it on Rain, and I would never expect him to do anything but honor his wife and child. What it does mean is that Rain’s fans are free to drool over him to their hearts’ desire, with his permission, and not feel a bit guilty. “Rain” always has and always will be open for business where ladies’ fantasies are concerned. That — his body, as well as his voice, acting chops, and skin — is his bread and butter. He ain’t up for the priesthood. If we didn’t scream, die and go to heaven on a regular basis, his feelings would be extremely hurt and he’d be moping around Seoul, pretty upset, wondering what was wrong with us.

    I don’t believe for a second he would have married a woman who had any problems with his career or his fans or didn’t trust him to know boundaries. He is waaay too disciplined to borrow that kind of trouble, and I’ve heard past stories to back that up. “Rain” was created with several goals in mind — one of them to always be one of the sexiest men alive.

    I, for one, have no problem giving “Rain” exactly what he wants, LOL.^^ So, have your fun, my friends! It’s allowed.

    Stephe ^@@^

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    • Now you ought to Know not to tell me that my friend. I may forget e’erybody’s married and revert all the way back to BiAlamode of old. LOL.

      Damn, he can’t say “Rain, made me do it huh??” Oh alright. *wink, wink*

      Well, as far as I’m concerned, Rain still hasn’t properly “given himself” over to his U.S. (Western) fans. We need some of your time too Boo. It’s “lonely” out here for a U.S. noona. Hopefully, those recent Insta pics were indicative of something promising to come.

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    • I will take that as direct permission. *now where’d I put that tongue drooling, lip smacking, emoji?*

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  3. WAHHHHHHH! I tried to be so mature and accepting…I’m just gone say it!: He looks like he needs company in that chair! Said company being moi.
    I AM happy for him that he found his One and is able to embrace happiness and have his very own family and personal legacy. But… I’m just gone admit it – the fantasy ain’t gone when I see him looking like…. THAT!
    Excuse me while I sit on the floor with my arms around my knees and face buried there too, rocking back and forth wailing and keening.


  4. Oh…….in case I need to spell it out. I was just kidding with my previous comment. I meant it though…..but still I was just kidding. Comments have a tendency to get lost in translation sometimes.


  5. Now….see…..this man right here, just ain’t right. Now, I forgave him for getting married and having a baby……took me a minute but I recovered from the “trauma” of it all. 😁 Now, he has The nerve to show up on the cover of this magazine and in this photo spread looking this damned sexy and shit? How dare he! Just all kinds of “disrespectful”…..just wrong.
    Just how many ways can you “hurt” a noona’s feelings? Good Gravy! 😜🙃😍😋😍😛😁

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    • I knew I want the only one with CONFLICTED feelings! *sistahood foEVer*


      • SMILES……..Honestly Beez, on a personal level, I really didn’t care so much that he got married. I’m married, so I understand that part of one’s life. My conflicted feelings were how do keep my “lustful fan girl comments” in check (*Ssh! don’t tell hubby*).

        I didn’t know (at first) how to still be a fan girl and respectful of his wife at the same time. However, I’ve decided to continue being a fan girl….*sorry Tae Hee*….SMILES. So be warned, I may make a comment that the missus may not approve of. When it comes to Rain, I gotta say what I feel. LOL. Gotta be true to me. I do understand having conflicted feelings Beez….believe me. SMILES!


        • what tickled me was, I typed my reply from my email and thought “here I go. I’m going to shock everyone with The REAL”. And then after posting I read your comment that you had already posted…. that just tells me there’s something about those pictures (and especially the one leaning back) that just evoked that response! lol


        • Besides, I’m sure Bi doesn’t want his star to fade and Mrs. Kim-Bi 🙂 wants Daddy to keep bringing home the big bacon so it’s just harmless fantasy.

          I’d never push her out of the way or ignore her if I had an opportunity to get an autograph or something now THAT would be disrespectful.

          I follow a coupe of other fan sites (not to the extent I do Rain) but you can tell the harmless fantasies of admiration to the unhealthy ones who really think they can have a real life personal connection. I feel so sorry for them.

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