[31 images] Rain on the day of his KBS special comeback show recording. (11/21)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It was just him — a beast one minute, slick and suave the next, paying homage to his idol the next — and his Clouds, a brigade of supporters in black, ready and willing to see Rain through this, his newest comeback to the music world.

How Terri and I wished we could have been there. ❤

These images of the event, however, released by R.A.I.N. Company and media outlet  뉴스에이드 [NewsAde], are one hell of a consolation prize! The man is STUNNING (as usual). Our little Rain Droplet has no idea how phenomenal her daddy is, yet. But we can bet you her mommy does. 🙂

Enjoy! What do you think about Rain’s new concept ? The master of comeback reinvention kicked it up yet another notch, didn’t he?

The show will air on KBS on Sunday, 12/3 at 10:40 pm KST.

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( 뉴스에이드/NewsAde)

(R.A.I.N. Company, as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on November 30, 2017.

9 Responses to “[31 images] Rain on the day of his KBS special comeback show recording. (11/21)”

  1. You refer to Rain talking about his idol. Who is that?

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    • Michael Jackson. Michael inspired him when he was a lonely teen on the streets to become a dancer, an entertainer, the best of the best. I’m reminded of that every time I see Rain dancing while wearing a fedora – – he touches that hat just like Michael and holds his head just so. Amazes me! ❤️ Every now and then, he reminds us about that, like the gold sashes crisscrossing his black jacket in The Unit promos and intro pics (a signature MJ look) and at this comeback show recording. It breaks my heart that they never got to meet and that MJ died on Rain’s birth date (June 25), a couple of months before the Legend of Rainism tour started.

      But, how phenomenal is it that Rain went on to make himself a unique dancer imitated by many, a legend in his own time, and an icon never to be duplicated, just like his idol? Brilliant! ❤️☔

      Stephe ^@@^

      P. S. By “paying homage”, I meant the wearing of the gold sashes, not physically talking about MJ at the recording. I don’t know if he did that or not. ^^


      • Ahhhh, Michael Jackson. I only discovered Rain in 2014. I always saw things that were reminiscent of MJ in his performances (and work ethic) but I never heard Rain talk about MJ (whereas I’ve heard him mention Usher as an influence but I was so disgusted by Usher’s treatment of Rain in the one video clip that I’ve seen of the two of them together…) The only time I’d seen Rain mention MJ is when he very briefly commented about his sadness upon learning of MJ’s death. But I knew that with all the accusations against MJ that many people backed away from association.

        The first video of Rain’s that I saw was Love Song and the shiny vests had me sending his video to my son saying “look at Michael Jackson’s influence on South Korea!” I only discovered how great Rain was on his own after many, many… many hours of “Bi Rain” YouTube searches.


        • When the Legend of Rainism concert tour started, MJ had passed away 2 months earlier and Rain did an awesome “Billie Jean” dance break 2 songs in. When you run across pictures of him dancing in that beautiful black, gold, and white blazer but with a black fedora, that’s where those were from.
          Stephe ^@@^


          • Thanks, Stephe. I’m search YouTube for “Bi Rain Billie Jean”. I remember seeing video of Rain with MJ’s picture on a big screen behind him and then the dance to Billie Jean, but I can only picture a plain black blazer. I’ll keep looking.


      • Stephe you are so right about Rain’s being influence by MJ. And now he is leading the way for young Korean performers. The legacy will live on for both of them. He is always setting the bar higher for himself. He never disappoints..


  2. Wow I have to say RAinRain looks younger and better than ever


  3. Oh Yea!!!


  4. I had to stop and catch my breath when I got to the last picture. That is truly a “breathtaking” photo. I call that “Take no prisoners” look. I will even bring the cuffs.(I can dream)


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