[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 3: What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now…

There are waaay too many good shows of all kinds on TV in many countries and online these days and we need a place to dish about ’em, am I right? What say you? Let’s discuss! (Screen cap source: Shihorain) ^@@^

WE GOT SPOILERS. Please back out of here & DON’T SCROLL unless you’re good with that.

The previous Cloud-watching post from 5/17/2016 – 10/28/2017 is HERE^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 29, 2017.

20 Responses to “[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 3: What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now…”

  1. Hi guys! If you haven’t watched Fight My Way yet it is terrific. I love pretty much everything Park Seo Joon is in – Witches Romance is also really good.

    Two more classics that I LOVE: My Live from the Stars and Healer. Must watch!!

    Also Shut Up Flower Boy Band, cheese in the Trap, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Stars Falling from the Sky, and Dream High are really good.

    From the lists above, I loved My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Coffee Prince and Secret Garden. I didn’t like Rooftop Prince so I didn’t make it through the whole thing.:(

    Has everyone seen Please Come Back Mister? It was really good and of course Rain is soooo handsome.


    • Rain’s comedic timing is EXCELLENT in Come Back Mister (which is no surprise because they say actors who can do great comedy can easily transition to drama (as we know, he is great at that as well) but the reverse is not true – great dramatic actors cannot always transition to comedy).

      I had dropped Fight My Way for a bit but I picked it back up. So glad I did and now I’m a Park Seo Joon fan. Before Fight My Way, I wasn’t impressed with him in She Was Pretty or that mess Hwarang (dropped it around Ep 9). But now I’ll check out Witch’s Romance. I think my problem with Park Seo Joon in the past is they promote him as a flower boy, but he’s not that type (imo). Seeing him oozing testosterone in Fight My Way opened my eyes! 🙂 (Plus it has personal bias, Kim Sung-oh.)

      HEALER! is for anyone who wants a REAL story around their romance. I put off watching Healer for a long time because I couldn’t get interested from the synopsis description. Healer is like reading a good romance novel that stays with you but then, you have to reread (rewatch) it once in a while because it’s just…so…good.


    • @bcuzisedso, I’ve seen My Love From The Stars, Cheese In The Trap and Weightlifting Fairy…..loved them all. I’ve also seen the classics you’ve mentioned as well. It’s funny you didn’t make it through Rooftop Prince, I really liked that one (as silly as it was). It was the drama that endeared Micky Yoochun to me. The way he played the straight laced, no nonsense, regal prince in the face of such calamity and hilarity is what I loved.

      Speaking of Micky, you may like Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He played a young scholar (also regal in his approach to the character). This one may be more to your liking. The “usual suspects” of dramas BOFs and City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho (another of my faves) were awesome as well…IMHO. Oh and of course I’ve seen Please Come Back Mister….had to see that one…SMILES. Diamond Lover, however, I find painfully hard to watch. Even with English subs, I’ve yet to make it through and I want to because Rain is in it, but alas….I haven’t been able to.

      I’ll have to add the others that you’ve mentioned to my K-drama list. Not sure about Dream High (I may have seen that one). Sometimes, these drama titles run together in my mind. LOL.

      So many dramas, too little time. SMILES……………..


  2. I’m waiting to see episodes of The Unit as well. It’s funny to now see Bi as an “elder statesman.” It’s like dang……we’ve been fans of his long enough to see him reach this point in his career. Still damned fine too!


  3. Everyone’s choices are all great and I have seen must of them. But this k drama season has been kind of lean. After Goblin and Strong woman, I just stop watching. Hoping there are some good stuff in the pipeline. Right now I am focusing on The Unit. The Good Doctor on ABC is not bad, I try not to compare it too much with the Korean version. I have gotten behind on my reading list ,so while I wait for a good drama, I will be reading to catch up. Please keep the list coming.


  4. Well, honestly my viewing habits have shifted a bit (with respect to the current political climate here in the US). So, I’m watching a lot of CNN, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, etc. However, when I’ve had enough political BS, I go back to watching my usual shows (many listed on the previous thread). I’m just waiting for new seasons to start or in the middle of current seasons.

    Shows I’m currently watching….number 1 on the list is “Scandal.” Yes, I must see how this show is going to end, as this is the last season. “How To Get Away With Murder” is the next one on my list, as well. “Cleverman” was mentioned and I also watch it. I’m only a couple episodes in with respect to this second season. Glad it’s on Netfilx too! The one I’m looking forward to is “Into The Badlands.” Badlands pissed me off by killing off Veil. I want to see how they will redeem themselves. From the articles I read, producers had no idea they stepped in that “mine field” of killing off black female characters (also reference Sleepy Hollow). Viewers did not take kindly to that and swore to write the show off. This is how it’s imperative that show producers really get an accurate read on who their viewers actually are. So, “what had happened was” mr. producer man said Whoa…..give us chance to get back in your good graces. So…..we shall see.

    As far as K-dramas go, I’ve only watched a couple as of late….”Oh My Ghostess” and “Strong Woman Bong Soon” both starring Park Bo Young. Also, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Park Hyung Sik, her co-star in Strong Woman. He was also in Heirs, as well. I must say, it was not lost on me (not even a little bit) that he is such a young cutie now. His screen presence has matured a bit since Heirs. Had a sista do a double take.

    Oh…BTW, has anyone heard when the “Cheese In The Trap” movie is going to be released? This is another production I’m waiting on as well.

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    • @BiAlamode – Strong Woman was cute and so was Oh My Ghostess. I’ve become a die-hard fan of Kim Seul gi and Cho Jung suk. Actually I watched Oh My Ghostess after I “discovered” Cho Jung Suk in Jealousy Incarnate which his kiss scenes in that won all types of “best kiss” awards. He is so funny looking to me until I can’t figure it out why he captures my attention the way he does (with his obvious elevator shoes which I think give him his sexy strut. Song Seung heon has that same strut due to that same reason. ) lol
      Anyway Jealousy Incarnate is worth a watch. The female lead (Gong Hyo-Jin) is very annoying but she has to be that way for things to unfold the way they do. Very funny show and, for a Kdrama, very sexy.


    • Oh! And BiAlamode – if you like Park Bo young, have you seen Werewolf Boy?


      • Oh yes, I’ve watched Werewolf Boy several times since it was released. I was there for Song Joong Ki (one of my drama faves). I came to know of Park Bo Young from that movie. She’s good. I like her.

        Gong Hyo Jin is a sentimental fave for me because she starred opposite Bi in Sangdoo Let’s Go to School. That was the second drama I ever watched with Rain in it.

        I’d say Cho Jung Suk, while not as “pretty” as some others, he has a quiet charm….a cozy warmth that makes him appealing. The characters I’ve seen him play always seem to have a little awkward shyness that makes you want to “pinch his cheeks” as opposed to “jump his bones”……Smiles….at least for me anyway.


        • Yes, he’s elfin. They can’t seem to figure out what to do with his hair. But believe me, you’ll see him differently of you watch Jealousy Incarnate. Here’s the scene that won Best Kiss in the DramaFever awards. (Watch past the first kiss because they kiss twice.) https://youtu.be/MJrfmR4AiEE

          Although, I must give props to Go Hyo jin because out of all the great Kdrama kisses, she’s a participant in quite a few of them. I’ve never thought Zo In Sung was attractive AT ALL because he’s so feminine, but his kiss scene on the beach with Go Hyo jin in “It’s Okay, It’s Love” has made me look at him in a totally different light.


  5. Thanks Stephe. Some good tips here. Apart from Rain’s K-dramas, I’ve also had a few recommended by a friend. Please let me know if any of the following sound familiar (some are older).

    My Sassy Girl
    Bittersweet Life

    Secret Garden
    Boys Over Flowers (both Korean and Japanese versions)
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    Brilliant Legacy (aka Shining Inheritance)
    Emergency Couple
    Rooftop Prince
    Arang and the Magistrate
    Personal Taste

    Happy to explore any favourites you’d like to suggest.

    Also recently watched Narcos, and am a huge fan of this Italian series called Gomorrah (about the Neapolitan mafia). I need the gentler K-dramas to offset these violent ones, you see… ;o)

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    • BOFs, Secret Garden, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, Rooftop Prince, Arang and The Magistrate and Personal Taste…..are all awesome K-dramas. I watched them all and loved them all.

      You may want to add “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”….this drama will have you in the “feels.” It’s an emotional rollercoaster, but so worth it. SMILES………

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      • “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” – Kang Hanuel is just plain beautiful in that.


        • Agreed. Although, all the Princes were collectively gorgeous…even the ones I “hated.” Smiles!


          • I would ‘ve totally rooted for Prince 8 (I think that was Kang Hanuel’s birth number) but he was always one step too slow. When his sister raised a whip to Go Ara, his hesitation of “I was just about to step in”. Nah, Bruh, ya hesitated which means you were thinking of your own status or what people would think first. 4th Prince beat all comers. 🙂


            • Exactly! I don’t care how “pretty” you are. The man in my life will be one who will come to my defense no matter what. Prince 8 found that out the hard way. SMILES. They were all flawed (characterwise) but each one was just as pretty as the next one, so it allowed you to get all up in your emotions. SMILES. I loved watching that drama. Scarlet Heart Reyo was on point with equal parts eye candy and a damned good story line. I was captivated from beginning to end. I can’t say that for all dramas, but this one…yes.


    • @eldab3rry – may I interject here and say your list is made up of a lot of kdtama classics and the only 2 “must sees” that are missing (imo) are Coffee Prince and My Name is Kim Samsoon”. (Samsoon is often referenced as the “Kdrama that started it all”. I think “it” refers to the witty humor that captured international fans.)

      And Boys Over Flowers should come with a warning: You will be pulling your hair out and saying “that’s it! I’m done with this drivel!” but you won’t be able to stop watching it. lol


  6. I got up at 5:15 a.m. on Saturday to watch Rain’s live streamed “The Unit.” I can see how my next 13 Saturdays start already.

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  7. Not a lot has caight my interest this Kdramaland season. I’m watching Siwon in Revolutionary Love, Mad Dog and of course my bae Song Seung heon in Black.

    I plan to watch season 2 of Cleverman which is currently on Netflix. It’s good, everyone should check it out. It has VERY short seasons. Or at least the first one was. I think it was only 6 episodes.

    I’m also checking out the American show The Good Doctor just to see how it’s done in comparison to the Korean version. I like the K version better.

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