[tutorial][Eng trans] For 10th Cloud applicants: Adding pics & videos in the Cloud Cafe.

** NOTE: THESE ARE MY EXPERIENCES ON MY DESKTOP COMPUTER. Figuring this stuff out on my tablet has been harder, so in the interest of time, I’ve been pursuing my 10th Cloud membership on my PC.

Hi, fellow Cloud 10 hopefuls! Good to talk with you again. Sorry that it’s been a little while, but learning to navigate Naver and trying to get my Diligent Cloud requirements done so I can be upgraded to an official 10th Cloud has been quite distracting. And, I must admit… FUN! I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying the camaraderie on the site. In roughly 3 or 4 days, I reckon I should be a bona fide member of this new term and finally able to read the private message that Rain left in the Cloud Cafe for all 10th Clouds. Some of the earliest applicants have reached 10th status, I see. Congrats to them! So excited! 🙂

A lot of y’all have asked me how to post pics and videos, so here are my experiences with that in the hopes that it helps.

» My previous 3 tutorials can be found HERE: → [tutorial][Eng trans] From Stephe’s desk: Starting the requirements to become a 10th Cloud.

I identify well with how discouraging it can be to keep trying something and feel like you’re getting nowhere sometimes, especially in another language, but it does get better, I promise. Don’t give up! We can do this! ^@@^


Make sure you’re signed into Naver.

On the Cloud Cafe home page, SCROLL DOWN the sidebar on your left until you get to the FREE BOARD. Click on ENGLISH TALK or whichever free board you’d like to post in, which will take you into that board.

Once you’re in, scroll down and click the “Writing” button. (As far as I can tell, only fans who have applied and been accepted as Cloud 10 applicants can write posts and leave comments. So. When all is said and done, only 10th Clouds will be able to see this button on Board pages and get a reply box under posts.)

You’re now in your Smart Editor! So, go ahead and write your post. (In my screen shot below, note where I typed the subject title of my post.) When you’re ready, CLICK on the option for Pictures.

The first time you do this, you should get this little white box that says:

JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP image files can be uploaded.
Up to 10MB per image, up to 50MB per page.
Images may be subject to copyright if uploaded or modified without permission of original owner. Refrain from copyright infringement or images that defame.
You may be subject to the Terms of Use and related laws.

CLICK the teeny open box that says “Do not show this again” and then CLICK on the gray “X” to close.

You’re now in the Picture Uploader, which gives you the message:

Upload photos faster
You can drag your favorite image here and upload it right away.

You can upload images from 1) your computer, 2) your storage account in the “Internet” Cloud floating around out there (nothing to do with Rain’s Cloud, haha), or 3) SNS (pics on your phone or tablet, if that’s what you’re using to post with). I’m on my computer and clicking where my BLACK ARROW is pointing — “My PC” — which opens the images on my hard drive.

Upload your picture(s).

If there turns out to be a pic you decide not to put in your post, simply run your mouse along the bottom of it and click on the white “X” that pops up in the corner of it to delete it. If everything is all good, CLICK the green box in the upper right hand corner.

Voila! Your picture(s) will be in your post. You can upload and add more as you wish, and then click the “Confirm” button with the green check to submit your post.

(** IMPORTANT: That takes you to your actual post in its finished form. Scroll up and click on ENGLISH TALK to go back to the board’s first page.)

I’m re-posting this cap from one of my earlier tutorials, so you can see the “Confirm” button and some of the Smart Editor components identified in English.


Assuming you’re already in your Smart Editor, doing a post:

CLICK on the option for Videos.

A small dialogue box pops up where you can add video in several ways.

A) This first tab lets you do so by actually uploading the video yourself from either the hard drive of your computer (GREEN button) OR from your personal storage in the “Internet” Cloud (BLUE button). When you click on the green button, it opens your files on your computer so you can upload to Naver yourself. (I haven’t done this in the Cloud Cafe yet, but I have done it on my new Naver blog and it worked like a charm!)

Choose a video. After it uploads, it should appear in your post.

B) The second tab is for uploading from a video source, like YouTube.

I’ve only tried it with YouTube and it works beautifully. I wonder if it works with, say, Naver or Youku and the like, but I don’t know yet. Feel free to experiment and find out!

After clicking on the second tab, you see this. You can either upload from the video source by pasting in the video source code (first option) OR the video’s URL (second option). Click the option you want, paste into the submission box, and then click the “Complete” button. (The first button is to “Preview.”)

After uploading, the video should appear in your post.

C) The third tab is for if you want to SEARCH for a video to add to your post.

It ONLY searches on Naver. Put your keywords in the box and click on the GREEN search symbol for results. Choose a video and then click the “Upload” button to add it to your post. I have not used this option yet myself.

That’s it, my dears. Give it your best shot and I’ll see y’all on the 10th side!

Won’t be long now. 😀

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on September 20, 2017.

6 Responses to “[tutorial][Eng trans] For 10th Cloud applicants: Adding pics & videos in the Cloud Cafe.”

  1. I’m saving these instructions so my son or daughter in law can help me with them. My illness makes it hard for me to follow instructions but I wanted to thank you, so much, for providing them!

    It cracks them up that, I’m a fangirl. 🙂


  2. Am I the only person that hears one of Rain’s songs in the Bounty paper towel commercial?

    The commercial has a little boy helping mom and then helping dad.

    I don’t know the name of Rain’s song, but it’s an older one. I’ve never seen an official mv of his with this song but It’s the one where he’s live on stage with the black headscarf with sequins (and French braids) and the black T with the same small pattern of sequins. His pants are blue with a lighter blue stripe along the side and his female dancers are with him, not the male dancers. He’s very playful-sexy. The dancers rip his shirt off him… Darn it! I googled it in order to be sure I’m describing it right, and now I’ve blown the rest of my night cause I can’t stop watching it and one video is gonna lead to another…
    Ashtray, here’s a link to it so you can hear which song I’m talking about. https://youtu.be/CYZ62gI74F0


  3. Thanks so much, Stephe. I’d only figured out how to post basic photos, but nothing more complicated, so this is great!


  4. Stephe. , miss ya but know you have been busy. Thank you for the additional instructions. It has been a truly humbling experience. I would not have missed it for the world. I started bit after you, I should be in Cloud 10 in a few days. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!


  5. This is good, thank you so much Stephe


  6. Hello ! thanks for sharing !! Je pense qu’on devrait être 10 éme Cloud en même temps ou presque !! Hâte d’y être !!


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