[info][8 images] R.A.I.N. Company has elegant new digs. What a location! (8/22)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Image source: Rainvietnam_rvn @ IG)

Don’t let those images you’ve seen of the R.A.I.N. Company building empty and in ruins alarm you, peeps! It’s all good, because Rain and company have pulled up stakes and moved on up to one of the most prestigious and expensive (if not THE most prestigious and expensive) address in Seoul.

And the agency deserves it, IMHO. (I am wondering what’s going to happen on the site where the building used to be, though…?)

(posted on the raincompany.co.kr. CLICK image for larger view.)

The Seoul Forest Galleria Forêt (갤러리아포레) is a multi-purpose complex of two modern skyscrapers (45 stories above ground, 7 stories below) set in a popular urban park in central Seoul. From what I’ve seen, the commercial and community sections — shopping, restaurants, business offices, fitness centers, banquet halls, rooftop gardens, etc. — is in the low-rise part (looks like the first four to five floors plus the seven underground), and around 230 residential condos and apartments take up the actual towers.

Celebrities the caliber of G. Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Soo Man have been known to live there, and the popular Page Gallery looks to have an exhibition space on the ground floor. The complex even has a leaf-shaped, underground theater. Über-wow!

Take a look. ^@@^

(Images credited to haeahn.com. CLICK on images for larger view.)

Truth time here.

I’m thrilled about this move for more than the obvious reason. I’ve never felt Rain was safe at the R.A.I.N. Company building. It’s all cute and nice and wonderful to see Sarangy and have people pet him and possibly see Rain, but let’s get real. If anyone can do that, it means anti-fans and people who mean Rain physical harm can roll right up on him as well. Not. Good. Folks unexpectedly in his personal space does not bode well, no matter how you argue it. It just doesn’t.

I read that this complex has good security measures in place, especially because of the residences in it. It does not need to be on lockdown, that’s not what I’m saying. But just something. I do like the look of those big Rain doors, yes sir. May they be as sturdy as they are pretty.

Our Rain Biography Page and Open Thread have been updated with R.A.I.N. Company’s new address, phone number, and fax number (above) as well, so y’all can send all of your goodies for Rain to the right place now. The change officially took place on August 22.

Nice job upping the ante, Rain!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

(Image source: Rainvietnam_rvn @ IG)

~ by Cloud USA on September 5, 2017.

5 Responses to “[info][8 images] R.A.I.N. Company has elegant new digs. What a location! (8/22)”

  1. Wow, I like it!


  2. Very nice…………


  3. Nice – moving onward and upward


  4. Stephe, call me crazy, but when I saw the pictures of the new office, I started sing the theme song to “The Jeffersons”. I am so proud of him. He has work so hard to get where he is; where all of the k-pop groups want to be. I pray for his continued success businesswise and familywise. My Curious Boy never stop surprising me.

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  5. Hello Rain, Just wanting to know when the baby is coming? I cant wait to see pictures~


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