[fanmade][3 clips][fancam] Rain video salad. (The Fugitive, a Miaopai interview, Letter #5, & SEXY Rain.)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You know the drill. Add your favorite dressing, stir well with your fork, and dig in! 😛

Fan made. Sexy Rain. By one of my favorite Clouds on YouTube, dear Soorain. This also includes a glimpse of that incredibly HOT “Nan” performance in Daegu (2007) that about burned our eyes out. O_O

Clip, 2010. The Fugitive: Plan B Special, behind the scenes. See stuntman Rain pretend to be hurt, actually pull a muscle, about run himself to death, teach the press a lesson about bromances (look at that tan!), become part of the production staff, almost lose his family jewels, and choreograph some truly kickass fight scenes. ^@@^

Clip, 7/22/2017. Rain’s interview at R.A.I.N. Company for Miaopai (a Chinese media outlet), English-subbed by the Raincloud Europe team. ^@@^

Clip, 7/21/2017. Rain’s 5th letter to fans in the Tokyo “The Confession” fan meets series, but English-subbed by the Raincloud Europe team, including our Sunnypeony. ^@@^

Fan cam, 8/24/2013. One of those amazing moments that Rain Oppa dished out at the Sonic Bang Festival in Thailand, the month following the completion of his mandatory military service. 😀

~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2017.

3 Responses to “[fanmade][3 clips][fancam] Rain video salad. (The Fugitive, a Miaopai interview, Letter #5, & SEXY Rain.)”

  1. Gorgeous blk & wht pic…………….

    I concur with the enjoyment of traveling back down memory lane with these posts. Thanks Stephe!

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  2. What a great way to end the evening 🤗💦 thanks for sharing Stephe 😀

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