[29 images][2 making of][CF] Rain Ad Campaign of the Day: Nikon, part 4 of 4. (2010)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The materials from Rain’s Nikon campaigns is so extensive, I had to break them up into parts to survive trying to post it all. Are we really — finally — at the end of this thing? Onwards, then! I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey. 🙂

Winter/Spring 2010. After all of that running around Seoul and other places with Rain using his photography skills, Nikon put all of his images together in a D5000 series photo exhibition for the public. I can’t remember if the camera package presented to that lucky winner was a giveaway or an auction, but I do remember that the event happened earlier in the month, online, and all the dude had to do was come and pick his prize up from Rain. ^@@^

(Images credited to various media as tagged)

Summer/Fall 2010. Coolpix and D3100 ad campaigns continued going strong in Korea. Filming for D3100 and D7000 CFs took place in Manila and surrounding areas in the Philippines, while Rain was there shooting K-drama The Fugitive: Plan B (wearing the deepest tan I’ve ever seen on him, rawrrr) and making an extensive appearance at the Smart/TV5 Intensity Show at SM Mall of Asia (in my favorite black pants, yo), all at the same time. He was sooo busy and really tired, and yet made it all look effortless. ^@@^

(Images credited to Nikon)

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