[12 images] Rain check #2. (Including cheesecake, Full House, autographs, and Guinness.)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

비 wanted you to see on his Instagram about an hour ago:

…wanted you to see on his Instagram three days ago:


7/14. Rain was at C27 Cheesecake &Coffee in the Apgujeong neighborhood in Gangnam District, looking classy casual and getting his dessert-on, haha. (Image: @____1223____) Weibo user Melody noticed that he was wearing the Nikes he posted about on Instagram last year. (Image source: @sunnypeony) Apgujeong is considered to be one of the wealthiest and most fashionable neighborhoods in South Korea. ^@@^


7/14. KBS World has uploaded the entire Full House K-drama on their YouTube channel, English-subbed. Will wonders never cease. 🙂 ^@@^ 


7/14. It’s raining on Thai TV: In Thailand, Ninja Assassin just aired yesterday (7/15, Sat) and Diamond Lover episodes are on Mondays through Fridays. 🙂 ^@@^



7/12. A family outing at 명인등심 (Myeongin Deungsim) restaurant ended in good food and autographs from our fav couple, aw! 👍💕 ^@@^ (@heartsandclubs IG notes: @rain_oppa and @taehee35 and her brother Lee Wan had a family get together at the beginning of July at restaurant 명인등심. The couple signed for the restaurant. Rain wrote: “명인등심 the best!! 2017 summer.” Glad to know they had a good time!)

Image credit: @myeongin_deungsim’s Instagram.


7/12. A wonderful monochromatic pic of Rain after an interview, compliments of R.A.I.N. Company on their Twitter and FB. He’d had three interviews with Chinese media on this day, and stopped to sign some stuff. Autograph away, dude! ☺ ^@@^


7/3. Cloud Sunnypeony reports that our favorite parents-to-be were seen at the mall library. People don’t seem to be staring in any one direction, so they could be practically anywhere in this picture! *shrug* Since TaeHee was supposed to be reading, I figured she might be sitting down. A guy who’s standing in front of a woman who’s sitting down has shoulders and legs a lot like Rain’s. So, I circled my guess in the pic below. I’m probably completely wrong! LOL~ They might not even be in the pic at all. Do you think they are? ^@@^


7/2. Vogue Magazine Taiwan featured a story on Rain and the fan who dreamed of meeting him at Viral Fest Asia 2017, in their latest issue online. » SEE it HERE. Sweet. 🙂 ❤ ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 16, 2017.

3 Responses to “[12 images] Rain check #2. (Including cheesecake, Full House, autographs, and Guinness.)”

  1. Nice pics. I hope all is going great for the married couple and baby on the way. Wishing them the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think that’s the most likely correct guess in the “Where’s Rain?” pic, Stephe. The only other place that might be him (although I don’t see a seated KTH) is the guy standing in front of the raised seating between the two pillars (only because his hair looks auburn) and it looks as if a lot of people’s heads are turned toward him.
    SCRATCH that. Stephe is right because it says Rain had on a mask so that , along with the matching legs silhouette – it’s him!

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  3. Nice to catch up, thanks for sharing Stephe. RainRain can pick me up a Berry Cake, they are so good with their light airy cake and fresh fruit


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