[article] Would you like to see Rain as an MC? New idol audition show might be in the works. (7/3)

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Hmmm. Interesting, indeed! Here are a few thoughts that crossed my mind when I read the article below:

What a perfect fit for Rain. He’s always been a nurturing and caring senior when it comes to idols and those who dream of being idols, and Korea is full of young entertainers who will attest to that fact. He has a ton of valuable guidance and advice to give to the dreamers out there…

(Don’t start any crap about MBLAQ. I adore them, individually and group-wise. Unless you were a fly on the wall when JYPE showed up, your opinion about the boys and Rain professionally parting ways is just that. Casting aspersions on his character to this day for not being the group’s caretaker for eternity — as if you yourself never had to make a hard decision like that in life — is petty and mean, especially when you don’t know what all was done or what they said to each other when they parted. As if he could be up in the military producing someone. Really? As if anyone is obligated to stay with a company who is running him and his career into the ground. Give me a break.)

“Failure is not the end” (the show’s mission) is something Rain knows well, after FanClub‘s betrayal by their management and all of his subsequent solo audition rejections before finding former mentor JYP. Giving dreamers a second chance means so much more if the show’s MC understands what that’s like and carries emotions from his or her own experiences.

I remember seeing Rain briefly in this capacity — sort of — when he was in the army, as a judge with Park Hyo Shin and KCM for the Korean Forces Network’s Be The Star auditions. And I loved it! Watching his face during the process was such a treat. » Go to my previous posts: [images][clips] More Rain, KCM, and Park HyoShin at the Be The Star auditions. ⊕ [ETA 2][images] Soldier check: Be the star, and Conso Train 9/4. ⊕  [article][soldier check] Rain hospitalized for back pain and is undergoing tests.

I have to admit that this being a KBS show makes me a little nervous and, if he does end up doing it,  I hope they pay him properly. If I’m remembering correctly, it was reported in the press that he and several other actors had to bring a lawsuit to get paid for KBS’ The Fugitive: Plan B. It’s still astounding to think of that. Good thing he’s got a nice, fat bank account because you never know… **UPDATE: I owe KBS an apology here. When I went back and researched this, I realized that the folks who didn’t pay Rain half of what he earned for Fugitive — and leading lady Lee NaYoung some of her fee as well — was a production company working for KBS, not KBS themselves. The production company was having money problems, but didn’t fight the court’s order and got him paid within a few months, close to $400,000 USD. Sorry about that, KBS. I was probably thinking about when Yoo Jae Seok brought his non-pay suit against you instead…^^

All of that boils down to this: I would love to see him do the project. He has natural charm on the mic and I’d like to see him use it even more. How about you? Any thoughts?

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SOOMPI News 7/3/2017 — by D. Kim

Rain In Talks to MC New KBS Idol Auditions

KBS is creating a new audition program to give idols a second chance at fame!

On July 4, a representative from KBS announced that their upcoming show “The Final 99 Match” (working title) will be entering the beginning stages of production soon.

“The Final 99 Match” will be an audition program for idols and singers who had already debuted but weren’t able to see the spotlight. Rain’s agency confirmed that the star is currently in talks to MC the show.

The chief producer of the show expressed, “We want to encourage people and tell them that failure is not the end. We’ve been planning for a long time to create a program that’s open to singers of all ages and genders. There will be no evil editing involved.”

KBS is hoping to air “The Final 99 Match” in October.

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4 Responses to “[article] Would you like to see Rain as an MC? New idol audition show might be in the works. (7/3)”

  1. I would LOVE to see Rain in that capacity. The only thing that I can think of that would be better would be for him to be HERE, in the USA, classing up the judging on So You Think You Can Dance or that other new dance show with Jennifer Lopez.

    And, I know K stars don’t make the same amount of money that U.S. stars make (per episode even), but $400,000 for the entire series of Runaway Plan B seems a pittance for all the action (and risk that goes with that) involved in that show. Which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way. So much fun. Too bad viewers approached it expecting something else. If they had just relaxed and taken it for what it was – pure chaos and fun…

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    • I totally agree. U.S. TV needs some Rain — it’s thirsty! 🙂

      His total fee for filming Fugitive was over a million dollars. I apologize for not making that clearer in my article…

      The $400,000 USD was just what the production company didn’t get around to paying until his management sued for it. They paid around 640,000 USD up front, which included his contract fee, to get the filming started. He was contracted for around $50,000 USD an episode, and there were 17 original episodes, 4 more added on, and a special. He was quoted as giving these numbers in a statement in an article on Daum in Korea at the time…

      I will always love that drama. I have to watch it at least twice a year!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks for clearing up my misconception. Every time I think of his “Halelujah!” I grin ear to ear. lol
        You probably already know, but in the off chance you don’t, most of the supporting actors were from the cast of Chuno? And if you haven’t seen Chuno (aka SlaveHunters), I highly recommend it.

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  2. Hey RainRain has been great at everything he does, why not MC 💦🎤

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