[5 vids][fan cams] Rain video salad. (Incl. Thai Clouds’ Rain POV, Eternal Rain, and the making of a king.)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Mix well with your favorite dressing, grab a fork, and dig in! 😛

7/11. Clip, English-subbed. Brief Rain interview about his experience at Viral Fest Asia 2017, and his future plans. A boatload of brief artist interviews and performances were released in the past 4 hours. Rain’s was the first! ^@@^ (Source credit: WebTV Asia @ YT.)

7/8. Fan cam and image compilation. Thai Clouds’ personal POV during Rain’s time in Bangkok for VFA 2017. ^@@^ (Credit: Rainscloudthailand @ YT.)

6/21. News clip, Yes Entertainment. A Taiwan-based news report on how Rain was determined to become an entertainment king over Asia. A look back over his incredible life and career, with a birthday greeting at the end. ^@@^ (Re-up: hung vincet @ YT.)

2014. Unboxing. For those of you who haven’t seen the incredible visuals inside Rain’s first Japanese album Eternal Rain (2006), have a look. And those of you who have… revisit them! ^@@^ (Credit: Tina Davidsson @ YT.)

2012. MV, R2B: Return To Base. I love this song. I miss this movie. It’s past time to lay hands on my DVD and fly like a butterfly with our favorite “Black Eagle.” I will be doing that today! *sigh*^@@^ (Source credit: CJENMMUSIC Official @ YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on July 11, 2017.

3 Responses to “[5 vids][fan cams] Rain video salad. (Incl. Thai Clouds’ Rain POV, Eternal Rain, and the making of a king.)”

  1. I rewatched R2B about 6 months ago – something I do periodically as I check it out on streaming sites in hopes I’ll find it with decent subs. Anyway, I don’t recall the scene where Shin Se kyung hugs Rain in the hangar. I only recall her hugging him at the end when everyone was so happy that he made it back alive. Is that hug in the hangar scene a deleted scene?


    • Nope, not a deleted scene. I saw R2B in the movie theater here, opening night and multiple times. The scene has always been in there, right before he flies off on his “suicide” mission.
      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Great stuff, thanks for sharing Stephe 👏🏾💦🤗


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