[Rain message][12 pics] Surprise birthday buffet for Rain on the Uhm Bok Dong set, by World Cloud. (6/15)

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

** ETA 6/18: I’ve removed around 9 images or so from this post per R.A.I.N. Company’s kind request. There are many people in those unofficial photos who haven’t given permission for their close-up images to uploaded online for personal or professional reasons, and we should respect that and protect them. It’s still a good-looking post, if I do say so myself, with only R.A.I.N. Company’s official pics at the fore. No problem! 🙂 ^@@^

(Images: Rain_비&정지훈 → R.A.I.N. Company’s FB)

Our recent donations and global Cloud sisters’ donations + overseas fan coordinator Huhu and The Cloud’s ingenuity resulted in this: An awesome, EARLY birthday surprise for Rain in the form of a food support event for him and the Uhm Bok Dong movie crew and cast on set yesterday. And the cutest birthday cake EVER and birthday goodies.

Everything went off without a hitch, and a yummy time was had by all. Good show! HUGE thanks to Heidi and the Korean Cloud supporters in doing the leg work and representing us all in support of Rain on his turf. They never let us down. ❤

During the event. (Images: Rain_비&정지훈 → R.A.I.N. Company’s FB)

Rain’s “Thank You” message to his domestic and world Clouds for making him grateful and proud on set. He even threw a little English in there for a global touch. ‘Preciate that, dude. 🙂 (Source credit: Rain_비&정지훈 → R.A.I.N. Company’s FB. Courtesy of hung vincet.)

Prep work, and then time to dig in! (Images credit: Raincloud Hong Kong’s IG / hearts and clubs)

My translation: “Jung Ji Hoon movie shoot. Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong, Daebak (Jackpot)!!” ^@@^

My translation: “Happy Birthday!! Bicycle King Uhm Bok Dong” ^@@^

I LOVE The Best Present figurines on top. Thumbs up! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 16, 2017.

One Response to “[Rain message][12 pics] Surprise birthday buffet for Rain on the Uhm Bok Dong set, by World Cloud. (6/15)”

  1. Nice looking cake. They have to go and torture me with all that delicious looking food. It sure looks good. Great idea with the cake. Cowboy and Cowgirl style. Cute. I am forcing myself to get back into shape and I’m trying hard to fast more and basically try to eat salads, vegetables, little fish and chicken from now until December, so I have to quit looking at all these photos of food. When I see them, it makes me want to eat. It’s hard to break the habit of a “See Food Diet”. I see food, it looks good and tastes good and I want to eat it.


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