[4 images] Rain in WebTVAsia Taiwan’s VFA 2017 album.

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You can see their full 31-image Viral Fest Asia 2017 album on their Facebook HERE.

Rain with 聖結石 Saint and 聖嫂 Dodo.

Rain with 谷阿莫 AmoGood.

~ by Cloud USA on June 7, 2017.

5 Responses to “[4 images] Rain in WebTVAsia Taiwan’s VFA 2017 album.”

  1. HAHA !! tout à fait d’accord avec vous ! Rain est son propres maitre et il suit son Destin , cela lui à bien réussis jusqu’ici . J’espère qu’il continuera encore de nous faire rêver .


  2. Stephe, I hope all is great with you and thank you for liking my comment. You are funny and so correct. The military is the one who can tell him what to do, me too. Best wishes to you and God bless. Keep up the great work that you are doing.


  3. I whole heartily agree with you Ladies. His determination and drive to success on his own terms has won him many loyal fans and the sometime reluctant respect of his peers. Not many k-pop idols have succeed as well as he has, going solo. I know we will not be disappointed by any new creative challenges he has set for himself. I am buckled in and ready for the ride.


  4. Nice photos. I think RAIN has a lot of energy, drive, and one quality that I like a lot is that RAIN does not appear to be the type of person that because he is talented and famous, he chooses to follow others and be controlled by others with regards to his talent, or let others discourage him, tell him what moves to make, instead of him choosing to make his own moves. With his determination, nice personality, focus and concentration, faith in himself, he can go far. Like they say, it’s far better to live your life as “an original” than to “live it as a copy”. I hope that RAIN, stays who he is “RAIN” and never let others feel you have to change who you are for them, to be successful. Happiness comes when you are your true person. That’s how I feel. That describes me. I like to be my own true person. If I am not that, then what am I? What would I have to be proud of? People can only take away your spirit, courage, your soul, faith, if you allow them to.

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    • Well said, Viola. 🙂

      Rain is his own man and always will be. He’s worked too hard to get where he is to just give that up to anyone. That’s why it always BOGGLES my mind when some fans act like he’s 10 years old and needs his hand held because people are controlling his career and personal life. Blah blah blah.

      Puleeze. Fans like that are delusional and need something to do. Sorry, I call it as I see it.

      Rain makes his own decisions in career and life and does what HE wants and has for a long time. Nobody tells this man what to do (oh, they try, but it usually doesn’t go well). The military is the only one to get away with that, haha.:)

      Happiness does come when you’re your true person. Glad you liked the pics.

      Stephe ^@@^


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