[11 images][clip][link] Rain’s interview for Viral Fest Asia 2017, with an English translator. (6/3)

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WebTVAsia Taiwan livestreamed Rain’s Viral Fest Asia interview on its Facebook page, something I greatly appreciated. Not only that — although Rain spoke in Korean, the questions were put to him in English and an English translator told us what he’d just said. I mean, excellent! That’s how you do these things. 🙂

» You can replay the FULL interview at their FB video link: Korean King Rain’s Media Visit!

SOOMPI News reported on some articles out of Korea that quoted Rain saying his career as a dancing singer is “nearing its end.” Don’t get it twisted. Such a phrase is open to interpretation. Rain said out of his own mouth that he thinks/plans in 3/6/9 year intervals. He ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, not to mention the winter album comeback he’s planning has fierce, killer choreography that won’t be easy for folks to cover (I can’t wait!). It’s certainly understandable that his joints and body are tired after 15 years of dancing at such a high level. Sure. But. Performing is in his blood. He’s got that itch. I don’t see him going anywhere for a while as far as “dancing singer” goes.

And I don’t see him ever not singing or acting. Too many goals, still, and they don’t depend on age or dancing. Got to get that Grammy. That Emmy. That Oscar. Ya feel me? JMHO

This Vietnamese article leads in with Rain just wanting to be known as a hardworking artist and being a little embarrassed when he’s called the King of K-Pop. Ah, Mr. Humble. So sorry, but your epic contributions to Korean Popular Music and Hallyu cannot and should not be denied. 🙂

Different articles out of different countries out there are reporting slightly different things, so this is one of those times, folks, when you take everything you read loosely and with a grain of salt and not word-for-word gospel. With all these languages flying around, a lot depends on who’s interpreting what. Know what I mean?

Oh, my… yet another gorgeous jacket.

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~ by Cloud USA on June 5, 2017.

6 Responses to “[11 images][clip][link] Rain’s interview for Viral Fest Asia 2017, with an English translator. (6/3)”

  1. Moi j’ai eu un doutes lorsque j’ai lue qu’il allais mettre fin à sa carrière de chanteur- danseur ( j’ai même pleurer ) , mais je suis reprise , j’aime trop cette cette voix de Notre Rain !! Et lui aime trop ce qu’il fait pour arrêter d’un coup !! Je pense qu’il peux continuer avec des danses plus douces n mais il peux toujours nous chanter de superbe chanson ❤


  2. I went to the Facebook interview and while I could hear the flashes from the cameras really loudly, I couldn’t make out what they were saying in English. Oh well. He looks good.

    (And I wasn’t distracted by the lady crouching behind the sofa … hardly at all. lol)


    • I have no idea what was going on with the sound. I had to wear headphones and have the headphones volume and video volume up all the way.
      Stephe ^@@^


  3. RainRain has always been a perfectionist in everything he does. Eventually aged reminds us to slow it down a bit, I mean age of body and not mind. We are not as strong as we were, joints hurt, stiffness come in to play, but still we press on. Never want to give up or give in, our RainRain has a long way to go and to give. He’s alright. 💦👏🏾🤗

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  4. It was not his dancing that captured me, but his songs, the dancing just enhance them more. His stage performance and present add to his already amazing talents. I can see him slow down just a bit, but his dancing and music will go on. He is a legend whether he will admit or not. I look forward to seeing what else he is waiting to show us. My Curious Boy is always looking to the future.

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  5. Oh, at least someone sober 😉 Thanks so much! Btw, wonder if he had a separate interview for some Korean press or that’s what thay did from the press conference?!


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