[3 clips][3 MVs][3 audios] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… are all about their mamas.

— Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As I was compiling this post, dear readers, two things happened.

  1. I had a laugh because it occurred to me, Why the heck didn’t you do this back around Mother’s Day, fool? LOL~ I don’t know! The idea simply didn’t come until the other night when I heard Tupac on the radio and then revisited the Rain Effect album. I know, I know. A day late and a dollar short. *shrug*
  2. I had a cry (several good cries) because four of these songs have special memories of mine attached to them. But crying wasn’t necessarily bad. Purging is good for the soul and pretty doggone liberating, to boot. 🙂

And that’s the best thing about music, isn’t it? That it can move you in 100+ different ways. It lets you know you’re alive.

These are the 9 tunes that have been on my favorite mama songs list for some years now. What do you think? What are your favorites?

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

Rain — “Dear Mama Don’t Cry.” With Rapercussion. Definitely my Number 1. The way he sings it, feels it in his gut, the moves it gets out of him… ㅜㅜ My dear mama was a closet Rain fan for a good while, but once she came out, she wouldn’t listen to any other music but his. She considered him a special young man and universal, no matter his language. Unfortunately, she never got to hear this song because she died two years to the month before it was released. But I know it would have put a smile on her face. I can just hear her now. That’s right, boy, you betta sing that song for us mamas! ^@@^ 

2Pac — “Dear Mama.” My son and I didn’t go through everything Tupac and his mama did, but we knew what it was like to go without a lot. And when it came to many things in this song, we knew of what Tupac spoke. We were the two Musketeers against the world, and every now and then against each other. ㅜㅜ ^@@^

Boyz II Men — “A Song For Mama.” When my son got married last August, as I joined him on the floor for our Mother/Son dance, he had the DJ play this song. Holy crap, I lost it! ㅜㅜ And let me make a note: You know how Japanese audiences are usually so reserved? Not so here! The Boyz slayed! 🙂 ^@@^

Spanish version from their Spanish album. “Una Canción Para Mamá.” OMG! “Mamá… Mamá, te quiero tanto…” Flawless. ^@@^

‘N SYNC — “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You.” Just ridiculously beautiful vocals and words. ^@@^

The Spinners — “Sadie.” (1974) Does that Tupac hook up there ↑ sound familiar? Yup. ^@@^

Carrie Underwood — “Mama’s Song.” Quite a few Country/Western songs have charmed me over the years. This is definitely one of them. ^@@^

Celine Dion — “Mama.” Celine’s voice conveys such feeling in her songs that sometimes I have to pause and shake my head. When I first heard Rain sing his ↑ Mama song, the emotion he was putting out reminded me of Celine. Just… ah. Wow. ㅜㅜ ^@@^

Jamal Lyon, EMPIRE — “Mama.” Now, you know a Mama song is a doggone winner when it slays and the singer is a fictional character on prime time TV! ^@@^

Billy Joel — “She’s Got A Way.” This is not a Mama song — not technically. It’s very much a love song about a woman. But. The first time I heard this, it was the mid-2000s and I was driving to work on I-85, and it exactly described my mother and how I felt about her. Straight up. So, from that point on, it was MY personal Mama song. Whenever I listen to it, it’s almost like she’s still here. 🙂 ^@@^

» [6 vids] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… “Where are you going, Oppa?” and that Middle Eastern flava. (5/17/2017)

~ by Cloud USA on May 29, 2017.

3 Responses to “[3 clips][3 MVs][3 audios] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… are all about their mamas.”

  1. These are excellent songs. “Sadie” is one I remember hearing quite a bit growing up. That one is probably the one that makes me the most nostalgic.

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  2. I followed the link to your parents’ vow renewal – beautiful!

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