3 Responses to “[4 videos][account] World Cloud surprise events for Rain at his Nagoya fan meetings. (4/27)”

  1. Stephe thank you for making sure we North American Clouds were represented well!


    • Stephe, I know you’re not “Stephen”. I came here to tell you that my new phone requires me to hold the “n” key down super long to get the comma; but then, even though I made sure to hold until I got the comma this time – it auto-corrected Stephe to “Stephen”! (Which I thought I’d already turned the auto-correct off.) *hate getting a new phone cause it’s always when I’ve finally got the old one to cooperate*


      • No problem, Beez. I’ve had problems with auto-correct myself, so I get it. And other folks have done the “Stephen” thing too, haha.:) It doesn’t bother me.

        Stephe ^@@^


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