4 Responses to “[4 videos][account] World Cloud surprise events for Rain at his Nagoya fan meetings. (4/27)”

  1. Thanks for sharing this vidèo !! Rain est toujours notre homme celà m’a fait beaucoup rire !!


  2. Stephe thank you for making sure we North American Clouds were represented well!


    • Stephe, I know you’re not “Stephen”. I came here to tell you that my new phone requires me to hold the “n” key down super long to get the comma; but then, even though I made sure to hold until I got the comma this time – it auto-corrected Stephe to “Stephen”! (Which I thought I’d already turned the auto-correct off.) *hate getting a new phone cause it’s always when I’ve finally got the old one to cooperate*


      • No problem, Beez. I’ve had problems with auto-correct myself, so I get it. And other folks have done the “Stephen” thing too, haha.:) It doesn’t bother me.

        Stephe ^@@^


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