[9 images][6 videos] Rain check. (JiHoon votes, Viral Fest, Superman Returns, QQ charts, & more SGC.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

5/8. Today is Election Day in South Korea, and Rain was out being a good citizen, getting in his vote. ^@@^ (Image credit: Newsen. 2nd source: R.A.I.N. Company official Facebook)


Of course, this brings to mind when Rain voting made the news back in May 2006. (Source credit: Yoshimin rain)


5/2. R.A.I.N. Company and interested parties have announced that Rain will be the main eventer at this year’s Viral Fest Asia, Asia’s Number 1 digital music festival, in Bangkok, Thailand. (By the way, why do these countries almost always say, “Rain’s debut in our country!” Eh, he’s performed in your countries quite a few times already, LOL^^) ^@@^

» Another upload of the official trailer is HERE. Why the hell the promoter keeps systematically taking this trailer down from all of its YouTube sister sites, while I’m sitting here watching it happen, makes absolutely NO sense. 😦 ^@@^

» READ: [Malaysia Updates] Namewee, AKB48, and Rain to perform at Viral Fest Asia 2017. (5/9/2017)


5/4. While at Hapcheon Image Theme Park for Uhm Bok Dong movie filming, Rain was also spotted filming an episode of The Return of Superman with Uhm Bok Dong producer/actor Lee Beom Soo and his two children. (Images and video credits: ohookitchen @ IG)


5/3. According to the QQ Music Charts for May 2017 in China, Rain is still holding his spot in the top ten Most Followed K-Pop Solo Artists. Cool. 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: K_Life88)


4/27. More promotional stuff for the Seoul Girls Collection Super Live Fashion and K-Pop Concert, now on its way to Japan at the end of June. ^@@^

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One Response to “[9 images][6 videos] Rain check. (JiHoon votes, Viral Fest, Superman Returns, QQ charts, & more SGC.)”

  1. Oh, so it was Return of the Superman 🙂 great, can’t wait to watch the episode!


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