[11 images][12 fan cams] The best of Rain’s “The Confession” fan meetings in Tokyo. (5/5)

— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Notice the “LA Song” hook on that stage monitor! 😃👍la lalalala lalala lala lala lalala❗ Rain’s caption for this pic is “Thanks my fans & Tokyo” ^@@^

At Sonic City Hall’s Large Hall, Saitama. As many of you know, all Japanese events have security up the a-s-s because of the venue coordinators. Japanese Clouds and any attending Clouds are on lockdown. So, the fact that we have anything to see at all (besides Rain’s stuff) is amazing. We bow down to those of you who braved those elements for those of us who don’t get to see him on our soil. HUGE thanks! ❤ ^@@^

Posted by Rain on Instagram. ^@@^

“I can name that tune in one note! Duhhh…” ^@@^

Enjoying the food support provided by Rain Cloud Japan, backstage at his “The Confession” fan meetings in Tokyo. Yummy! 🍱 ^@@^

Posted by Rain Cloud Japan @ Twitter. ^@@^

Posted by Japanese channel DATV @ Twitter. Diamond Lover is airing on this channel at the present time. ^@@^

Posted by Raincloud Hong Kong on Instagram. ^@@^

As requested by the Clouds… “I Do” and “Rainism” choreography double-time. LOL! ^@@^

If you want him to do an encore, you’d better shout it right! LMAO^^

Posted by fans on social media. ^@@^

Arriving in Tokyo via Haneda Airport on 5/4.



“I’m out! Peace!” ^@@^

“I’m Coming” double-time, “It’s Raining” regular time, and a quick bit of Guess That Song. ^@@^


It’s the Rainism! The Rainism! ^@@^


La lalalala lala lalala lalala lala!! ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on May 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “[11 images][12 fan cams] The best of Rain’s “The Confession” fan meetings in Tokyo. (5/5)”

  1. Je suis d’accord avec Libbie ce serai géniale !!
    J’ai pleurée de rire avec les dances accélérer , surtout Rainism lol .
    Thanks for sharing !!


  2. Seeing all of this is great but…it would be great if there was a recording of this fan meet, we could purchase. It would not be as wonderful as being there but it would be the next best thing, for all of us Clouds in rest of the world.


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