[3 clips] Rain video salad. (Ninja Assassin, Rain fan meets in the news, and Bad Guy.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

4/25. Clip. All of the things that I love and admire about Ninja Assassin, put into one video! ^@@^ (Credit: Looper @ YT.)


4/25. Tweet. Showbiz Korea talks about Rain’s upcoming fan meetings in Japan. ^@@^



2002. Clip. The making of Rain’s debut song “Bad Guy” off of his fledgling album n001, in Australia. Happy 15th debut anniversary, Rain!^@@^ (Source: mazingga0625 @ YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 26, 2017.

5 Responses to “[3 clips] Rain video salad. (Ninja Assassin, Rain fan meets in the news, and Bad Guy.)”

  1. Love watching RainRain’s movies, dramas; it is so good to take a day after everything is done and watch something RainRain is in.💦👍🏾📺🤗😀


  2. I love seeing the behind the scenes of his videos. He is such a perfectionist. You can see just how hard he works and his talents are so obvious. Thank you I so look forward to them.

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  3. I get hella nostalgic when I see NA clips/videos and I get annoyed, but in a good way….believe it or not. SMILES.

    BTW, Speed Racer has been playing this past week. I’ve watched it again several times. I can now say, I have a new appreciation for it. When it first came out, I didn’t like it….sorry. There was always the nostalgia factor (which I loved….I grew up watching Speed Racer), but it was too “busy” on the eyes, too distracting. Now that some time has passed, it doesn’t bother me as much. Also, any excuse to hear Baby Boo speak in English. SMILES…………..


    • I’ve been watching it too, hahaha! It’s just crazy. I have the Blu-ray, for cripes sake, but EVERY time Speed Racer comes on TV, I’m all in it.

      I’m an Anime babe, have been for years (and a fan of the original Speed) so fortunately I’m used to “busy.” Yes, any excuse to hear him speak English AND to see those hot legs in that skirt. Hahaha!

      Stephe ^@@^

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