[17 images] Rain check. (All sorts of goodies and a fun blast from the past.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

4/21. 비 wants you to see this gorgeous golf course in bloom, on his Instagram. Wow! Sooo pretty. He just posted a few minutes ago, and simply hashtagged #spring^@@^ (Caps: Stephe @ CloudUSA)


4/20. Jakupjang (작업장) gourmet food restaurant and fresh delivery posted this image of Rain and a gentleman by name of Yoon Da Hoon on its Instagram yesterday. I’d like to have a go at their food, for sure! ^@@^


4/15 — 4/9. 비 wanted you to see that he’s ready for his “The Confession” fan meetings in Japan, that his longtime friend and Army buddy KCM has a new digital single out, and that he went to see Coldplay in concert (as did a bunch of other idols). The way I see it, with a concert going full blast, what was the quickest way to confirm he was there without maneuvering around into other people’s way and blocking that incredible stage panorama for a selfie? By putting up his hand. We know his wedding ring. Simple. ^@@^



4/13. Rain’s hair, when he congratulated Break News on their 14th launch anniversary, reminded me of the “Uhm Bok Dong” documentary I’d just watched, and the real guy. Filming did begin this month, so there ya go. ^@@^


4/2. According to QQ China, Rain is one of the most followed K-Pop artists for April 2017. YESSSSSS 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credit: K_Life88 @ Twitter)


1/22. A Japanese Cloud posted the right side of this picture on her blog yesterday (4/20) and I think I’m losing my mind because I don’t recall posting it myself back in January. It belongs to g.o.d. legend and close Rain hyung Joon Park. He put this double pic up on Instagram the day he took them, the day of Rain’s and KTH’s wedding. I absolutely adore it, so heck, I’m posting it now. A happy revisit never hurts! ❤ ^@@^


2014. The owner of this Naver blog did a post on how Rain filmed the car accident scene of My Lovely Girl in front of a school. Ahh, remember that heartbreaking tearjerker of a scene? Heck yeah. *sniffle* Thanks to sunnypeony and raincloudkh for this tip. ^@@^ (Images credit: ssam_atelier)


2010. When TIME Magazine posted Stephen Colbert’s top 10 moments, his mock-feud and dance-off with Rain from 2008 were included, of course! Thanks for reminding us of this terrific moment, Harudo11.^^

(CLICK image to visit the actual page and video.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 21, 2017.

5 Responses to “[17 images] Rain check. (All sorts of goodies and a fun blast from the past.)”

  1. *Random Thought*…..I just realized Joon Park is in Speed Racer too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’mma start calling him Tiger…..”Tiger Jung”…SMILES. He’s really an avid golfer now.

    Looking like a teenager in that pic holding the autograph too….SMILES.


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