[35 images][2 vids] Rain check: SGC. Food. Friends. Cake. MENtholatum, and more good stuff.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: 서울걸즈컬렉션 @ FB (Seoul Girls Collection).

Well, now! The Seoul Girls Collection released a new spot video on 4/9 that suggests they are taking their 2017 Super Live Fashion and K-Pop Concert on to Japan come this June. (The one in South Korea happened back on 3/18. You can revisit Rain’s performance in my previous post HERE. ^@@^


Some of Rain’s latest slideshows on his Instagram shows his meals and his dogs (giant poodle Sarangy and little Janggoon), three things that mean a hell of a lot to him, as we all know. Haha~ 😉 ^@@^ (All credits: rain_oppa @ IG)


(We have seen little Janggoony do something like this before, and nothing was wrong with him then, so I’m pretty sure he was just clowning around. Still, Rain thought it was a little scary… ! ^@@^)


Fans and friends: (brandonjung111 @ IG, 4/9. As I understand it, this actor was cast in The Fugitive: Plan B with Rain in 2010, and happened to run into him at the airport. ^@@^)

(smiledesigner @ IG, 4/8. @sunnypeony says the post reads: “Bi Rain is such a name that no other qualifiers are required.” Truth! ^@@^)

(jessiii.k @ IG, 3/28)


This guy in China got him some MENtholatum Rain and other Mentholatum China goodies, and from the sound of his post, he was doggone happy about it. 🙂 ^@@^ (Credit: 小美妞小豆豆 @ Weibo, 3/31.)


Interesting, indeed. It’s all over the news in South Korea that R.A.I.N. Company Sports (you read that right) has signed Samsung Lions batter Lee SeungYeop (considered one of the best MLB hitters in the country), fitness trainer Kim YoungIn, and an LG Twins pitcher to their roster. The general consensus seems to be that it’s a good thing. It’s also said that Lee SeungYeop decided on worldstar Rain’s company to represent him after being courted domestically and overseas (source articles 1 and 2). Kim YoungIn spread the good news on his own Instagram (@peakceo) a while back. I’m glad that Rain and his Company are putting more eggs in their basket. It’s what they should be doing. Thumbs up! ^@@^

Rain and Lee SeungYeop. Source: enter.etoday.co.kr

(Image credit: peakceo @ IG ↓)


Aw! Someone made this “The Best Present” Rain cake in art school. ❤ ^@@^ (Credit: TiniSchool blog @ Naver)


An utterly adorable character illustration of Rain and Kim Tae Hee as they looked in their Harper’s Bazaar Korea mag feature this month. ❤ ^@@^ (Credited to the artist as tagged. Source: jca_art @ IG)


A new batch of images that the Seoul Girls Collection posted yesterday (4/10) of Rain at their 2017 Super Live Fashion and K-Pop Concert in Seoul last month, 3/18. (Images credit: 서울걸즈컬렉션 @ FB)

~ by Cloud USA on April 11, 2017.

7 Responses to “[35 images][2 vids] Rain check: SGC. Food. Friends. Cake. MENtholatum, and more good stuff.”

  1. I like the cute dogs too. They are adorable.


  2. Beautiful photos of the awesome and very talented RAIN. Nice. I’m trying to check out all of the links, photos, etc.


  3. Love all of Bi Rain picture, but I do have a question what happened to his US your last year or is he coming this year.


    • As far as I know, Danielle, US concerts haven’t yet worked out. There’s no info at this time, and we’re keeping our eyes and ears open.

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. Just got in from Georgia – good to catch up on our RainRain, thanks for sharing


  5. thank you for the updates!


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