[12 images][2 fan cams] Rain in Cambodia, Part 1: Coming AND going via airport. (3/28)(3/31)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Men, women, and children fans were there en masse when our fashion plate arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport wearing Givenchy (thanks to lingshyu66 and sunnypeony for that tip) and his brand new Nike Air VaporMaxes. Pandemonium ensued! What a welcome! 😀

He wasn’t all smiley and stuff (though he did wave at fans several times), but honestly, so what? He hasn’t been sitting around eating bonbons. He’s been working non-stop after settling in after his honeymoon, rehearsing for multiple performances and fan meetings and shooting CFs and making appearances and preparing for a movie role and making more music and flying all over God’s creation in order to get this stuff done. Rain is still a workaholic, so he still gets tired or under the weather sometimes. Does anyone or any of us smile in public 24/7? I think not. ^@@^

(Images credited as tagged / news.sabay.com.kh / ms.dubu / pha_gon / lingshyu66)

A few days later (3/31), the concert was done and Rain was outta there, homeward bound. ^@@^ (Image: ya5maurer @ IG)

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@rain_oppa 😊😊 thank you for coming 🇰🇭

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~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2017.

2 Responses to “[12 images][2 fan cams] Rain in Cambodia, Part 1: Coming AND going via airport. (3/28)(3/31)”

  1. As I was reading the write up above, I was deeply observing the video. Rain seems so tired. You were right when you said “he isn’t all smiley”. As a fan for many years now and counting, I have seen how much love and attention he gave his fans whenever he meets or sees them either in an airport or concert venue or during fan meets. But yes, there are also times when no matter how much a celebrity he is, he is just flesh and blood. He gets tired too. As a fan who loves him dearly, my heart goes out to him and whatever he “was” going through (if he was) at the time. I am a very forgiving and loving person and this extends to people I love and support the most. I have accepted him, warts and all, when i decided to support him. I hope that all Fans of his, especially those who were with him for a long time, have known him through his worse (thick and thin) would still be there for him as Rain’s Cloud. He may have changed his status (single to married) but he is still the same Rain as when he started in showbiz and the same Rain we love…as for me, I love THE RAIN, the entertainer, not his statues.

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    • Well said, Mangitit Joy. Very well said!

      He is still the same Rain, warts and all, the same Rain we love, and deserves to be cut some slack. A little understanding goes a long way. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments.

      Stephe ^@@^


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