[11 images] Rain check. (Incl. today’s lunch & munch, the Smart Mega Concert, & Full House humor.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

3/10. Looks like a hatted Rain and this group of friends had a top-notch time together today! Lunch, and dessert with coffee? Perfect! 🙂 ^@@^

(le_vent_nous_portera @ IG)

(coco_rose_ahn @ IG)


3/9. Cloud sisters in Hong Kong posted about Smart Axiata’s press conference for their upcoming Smart Mega Concert (3/30), where it was announced that Rain is the main attraction. As I understand it, concert tickets are free, and Smart Axiata customers (Cambodia’s leading mobile service provider) can get them on their local Smart phone app. Cool. ^@@^ (Images credit: raincloudhk @ Weibo)

(Posters and tickets.)

(From R.A.I.N. Company’s website.)

(At the press con.)


3/7. Ahahaha! All avid K-drama watchers should get the joke right away, keke~ Ah, the cuteness that is Rain and his fellow actor Gong Yoo… I recognize the Full House reference, and the Coffee Prince reference… anyone recognize the other drama? 😀 ^@@^ (Credit: dramafever @ Twitter)


3/6. As I understand it, this pic was taken in Shanghai at a Japanese hot pot restaurant. Works for me! ^@@^ (Credit: 花鸟画年 @ Weibo)


3/5. I really like this shot. It’s all in the eyes, both pairs. Expressive. BTW, this lady has a gorgeous Instagram. ^@@^ (Credit: jisu_laetitia_jung @ IG)

~ by Cloud USA on March 10, 2017.

5 Responses to “[11 images] Rain check. (Incl. today’s lunch & munch, the Smart Mega Concert, & Full House humor.)”

  1. Stephe……….where’s baby boo hiding himself? I guess he’s getting ready for his upcoming shows.

    I’ve got a hankering…….SMILES.


    • Yeah, you be right. Getting ready for the Seoul Girls Collection fashion concert this weekend and the Smart Mega Concert in Cambodia in two weeks… As far as I know, he’s also been shooting a new MENtholatum campaign, doing another magazine photo shoot, and working on the new music and stuff that’s coming out soon, and preparing the show for the fan meetings in Japan… and then there’s other stuff that we don’t know about yet, heh, ya know ya know.^^

      And he’s been playing a hell of a lot of golf lately (good for him!).

      And of COURSE gotta get in some of that IMPORTANT newlywed R & R, if ya know what I mean, heheh! XD KTH seems to be pretty busy herself lately, in and out of the country at events for her sponsors. But I imagine it’s all working out very well for them because they match like that. They both have schedules alike and they have that same drive and ambition, which makes R & R even more special when they’re home or on the road together. JMHO

      From the looks of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook comments, you’re not the only one with a hankering! 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sur la dernière photo il a l’air vraiment fatigué . mais sur la première on voie qu’il est un peu plus reposé 😉


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