[3 clips][2 MVs] Rain video salad. (Including 3 fun, fine blasts from the past.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^



Mix with your favorite dressing and enjoy! 🙂 ^@@^

1/14. MV/Audio. “The Best Present” with just Rain’s voice. No music! Best enjoyed with sensitive headphones, on crank-it-up. WOW. ^@@^ ❤ (Source: KPOP Acapella & Inst CH3)

2/16. Clip, English. Kim Tae Hee on Showbiz Korea’s Celeb-o-meter. With lots of Rain and recapping career, courtship, wedding. ^@@^ (Source credit: ARIRANG K-POP)

2011. MV, Kim Tae Woo. Big Tae featured Rain and JYP on his amazing song “Brothers & Me” on his T-School album, and those three voices together were ON POINT, you better believe it! Chills down the back of my neck. ❤ ^@@^ (Source credit: 1theK)


2010. Clip, English subs. When Rain ripped his pants on Strong Heart and we all laughed until we were in a stupor, remember? ahahahaha!! HoDong and Lee Seunggi were just dying! And G.O (MBLAQ) was there, too. 😀 ^@@^ (Source: Hoejfeld)


2003-2004ish. Clip. “Peek-a-boo chest” Rain on a comedic variety show where the guys are completely enamored of him, LOL! That “Rain effect” was working even back then, yo! 😀 ^@@^ (Source: riddlebox2100)

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2017.

6 Responses to “[3 clips][2 MVs] Rain video salad. (Including 3 fun, fine blasts from the past.)”

  1. Very nice with Kim Tae Hee and RAIN’s wedding. Wishing them all the best. Then, we also have three talented musicians Kim Tae Woo, RAIN and JYP. Those three make a cool combination I think.


  2. And btw, a similar situation with men falling for Rain is in Love survival show 🙂 Really cute, I don’t blame them, lol….


  3. Thank you for the acapella version of The best present, it’s incredible, his voice is really special. And I don’t know why, but I love his soft Korean pronunciation (which rather irritates me when spoken by women), it is such a beautiful language!


  4. Let me start at the top. THE VOICE, I was so over come by it. The music is just the vehicle for the song but his voice is what was driving it. JUST AWESOME.

    The Showbiz spot was very nice but when ever I have seen one of their programs featuring RAIN, I always get the feeling they are doing it under duress.(just my take on).

    The Brothers and Me showed me a side of RAIN relationship to JYP his MENTOR. I had never heard of KIM TAE WOO but just his interaction with RAIN and JYP means I will be checking him out. But song is now on my SLOW JAM download file. Thank you.

    The less I say about the pants the better (you know my rep for saying outrageous things)

    For someone who was told he was unattractive when starting out OPPA seem to have put the lie to that. His expressive face and smile just screens sexy and the voice that say “anytime” to both men(even machos) and women(even the elderly). Sorry I could not help myself.


  5. Merci pour le partage de la chanson Acapella !! SUPERBE la voie de notre Ange ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Great moments. The last clip with his male admirers – he was just beautiful. It would be hard for anyone that’s honest & sincere not to show appreciation. 🙂


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