[12 images] Rain check. (Plus the latest on his March, April, and May schedules.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

2/18. Fabulous one Yongduk shared this image on his Instagram, celebrating his years with Rain and rest of crew. Go, Yongduk! keke~ ^@@^ (Image credit: dduks1225)



2/17. R.A.I.N. Company is announcing more new music from King Rain. (Translation tweaked by Stephe.) ^@@^

[NOTICE] Hello. This is RAIN Company.

Rain is currently working on a new album. He is doing his best to greet his fans with a good album. So, as soon as the album is ready for release, we will let you know through this official website. We hope there will be no misunderstanding with his fans and we ask for your continued support.

RAIN Company


R.A.I.N. Company has also updated Rain’s March, April, and May schedules on his official website. Looks like a news special, a K-Pop/fashion show concert, a CF-making (which might be Mentholatum, seeing as March is when they usually roll out a new campaign, so fingers crossed!), fan meetings in Japan, and a beauty expo. So far, that is. 🙂 ^@@^







2/16. Rain posted this on his Instagram and commented, “너무 좋은 글…” (Great article…). Apparently, it says, “You’ve been working hard and living to come to this step. Praying. Your happiest times have not arrived yet” and comes from a book he’s been reading. (Okay, I just have to say it. Don’t start all that negative grumbling about “Your happiest times have not arrived yet.” Don’t start that oh, he’s not happy now crap. That’s not what it means. The word “happiest” refers to the happy times you’re having now getting even better around the corner. See how that works? Nipping that in the bud, LOL~)

Thanks to @dearkaien (Korean → Chinese) and @sunnypeony (Chinese → English) for the translation. 🙂 ^@@^



2/13. In China, Rain ranked #3 on Baidu’s chart of Most Popular Korean Male Stars (from 2/6 to 2/12). Go, Rain! *applause, applause* Thanks to @sunnypeoni for this tip! 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: 百度百科明星团 @ Weibo)



2/18. After getting past the “sticker shock” of the international shipping fees from Gmarket, it was nice to find that their ordering and delivery process from Korea was honestly easy-peasy and painless, thank the Jesus. To those who haven’t been able to get a hat… we feel you. 😦 We’re working on trying to grab some more Rain snapbacks to raffle away at future CloudUSA meets — hopefully, that works out. In the meantime, I’m hoping that my grandson (who’s been a Rain fan since he was two and loves wearing caps) will give you a smile. 🙂 ^@@^

(Image credit: dynasticstephe @ IG)

Me: “The letters spell R… A… I… N. Rain.” The grandson: “It’s from Rain? For me?!” Me: “Sort of [seeing as he designed it for his Clouds and fans]. It came all the way from South Korea.” The grandson: *gasp* “Are you kidding me?! That’s amazing! He’s mah man.”
Me: 😆 (You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth)


(Terri on @cloudusa Twitter)

“OMG. Guess what just got delivered? That was fast! And they’re beautiful!”


~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2017.

10 Responses to “[12 images] Rain check. (Plus the latest on his March, April, and May schedules.)”

  1. Awww…….Lil Man, such a little cutie pie! But, you know that already right G-mama?! SMILES. The hat looks better on him…… sorry Rainssi. SMILES…………

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your grandson is so adorable. They are never to young. I think my niece and family are coming around. My sister watched an of ep of Goblin with me. She liked it and had a lot of questions. I can hope.


  3. Your grandson is toooooo cute! 🙂 By the time he’s a teen, you’ll have to remind him that Rain was his man whenever he sees Rain make an appearance honoring older Kpop stars.

    I’ll never forget the day my son asked me who Elvis was; and the day he asked who Stevie Wonder was. (Same conversation about Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross too.) lol

    He LOVED Phil Collins when he was your grandson’s age but later, he didn’t remember him. But then again, if I had been a big fan of Phil Collins (the way you are of Rain) then he would’ve continually been exposed to PC’s music and probably would not have forgotten him or how he used to sing the lyrics to all of his songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! And I most definitely will. He loves girl K-Pop groups and K-dramas too, haha. “Grandma, can we watch your show?” LOL, “your show” is his words for K-drama, any K-drama.^^

      Cute story about your son!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • And you definitely don’t have to worry about what he’ll be exposed to with 98% of kdramas. I liken it to watching tv as a kid in the 1960’s. Old movies I’d see on tv and enjoy them with my parents. Then I’d see them as an adult and go “THAT’S what they were talking about?!!!” Because everything didn’t have to be in your face and it can still be sexy and funny. Adults could watch tv and never worry about questions arising that your kid wouldn’t have thought about yet. Kdrama is similar to that, I think.


  4. Who are the 2 stars ranked ahead of Rain? I’m only asking because the guy ranked second looks like Spartakooks from Running Man (I forget his real name), but he’s not an actor and his singing career is from back in the day. And is #1 the You Who Came From Another Star actor? I can’t make out the pictures well.


    • Yeah, #2 is definitely Kim Jong Kook (a.k.a. Spartakooks). I’m not sure who #1 is. Doesn’t really look like Kim Soo Hyun to me, but that’s who you’d expect it to be, right? Chinese viewers flipped for that K-drama!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I’m also surprised Song Joon ki didn’t make that list since Descendants of the Sun was an international phenomenon.

        I’ve never even seen the bottom two guys but then, other than Rain, I’m not really into Kpop. And Rain sounds more like R&B than kpop to me anyway.


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