[video][12 caps] Rain’s photo shoot for Nylon Korea Magazine’s February 2017 cover story. (2/1)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


That famous jawline and those eyes are working overtime. This is what we call giving us Face! ^@@^

HUGE thanks to the Clouds who shared their gorgeous screen caps! ❤ ^@@^

(Rains Cloud Thailand)













~ by Cloud USA on February 3, 2017.

7 Responses to “[video][12 caps] Rain’s photo shoot for Nylon Korea Magazine’s February 2017 cover story. (2/1)”

  1. See…..I really want to speak my true mind, but alas…I want to be a respectful Cloud as well. This photo shoot is so Not helping. Damn him!


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    • Running full speed and launching onto that sofa comes to mind. Sorry – – it just slipped out, ahaha~ 😉

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • Well that’s one scenario….LOL. The rest is the stuff fan fiction is tailor made for. Yes indeed. But that video! That come hither stare as he turns toward the camera. I’m like….that look……”oh is that a dare?……challenge accepted baby boo, yep!”…..LOL.

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      • Stephe I know as the co-founder of Cloud USA you must maintain some decorum. I on the other hand being a newbie and a senior, should be excused for My fan fiction or fantasy example : making use of every surface (vertical and horizontal) on that set. Or when he turned and look up from those stairs surrounded by that fur collar , wanting to parachute. My apologies Ladies. But at my age you get your fun where you can and My Curious Boy keep me young. He may be married but it does not mean he is dead to us. Just makes I more interesting.

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        • LOL! Thumbs up!

          (My illusion as a good girl somehow remains intact, bwahaha 😉 keke)

          Stephe ^@@^


        • @libbie1124…….Ssh, hey we who are older know plenty and could teach young blood a thing or two about the way Noonas “handle” things. SMILES. Don’t give away all the trade secrets. Gotta keep’em guessing! SMILES………..

          However, I know one thing. I guarantee he wouldn’t be looking so calm, cool and collected by that photo shoot’s end if I was the photographer. *just saying* Kekekekeke!

          Stephe……I tried to be good, but dang it….I fell right off that cliff. LOL!

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