[MV][5 clips] Rain video salad. (Including 3 Blasts from the Past.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You know the drill! Add your favorite dressing, mix well with a fork, and dig in. Enjoy! 🙂

01/15/2017. Clip. Even after these weeks have gone by since Rain’s Countdown Live x Night Eating Show on V-Live, I’m still incredulous that seven minutes before “The Best Present” was released to the public, Rain sang the first part of it for us live on our V Apps, sitting down and after swallowing a bite of food. What a guy. And he sounded heavenly! I swear, he could be standing on a glacier in the middle of a blizzard with the influenza and some type of pox, and he would sound like he was leading a galactic choir. Woah… ^@@^



2014. Clip. Behind the scenes with Rain (and Krystal, and L) filming My Lovely Girl. Aww… can you just imagine getting to star in a K-drama with him? Can you just? 🙂 ❤ ^@@^



2008. Clip. A special segment on KBS2 entertainment news that focuses on what Rain eats, how he maintains that s-w-e-e-t body, his physical activity levels, and his K-dramas from Sangdoo to A Love To Kill. ^@@^


2003. Clip, in some English, Korean, and Japanese. Rain and JYP’s long interview on Japanese TV show Showbiz Junction. Cute.^^ ^@@^



2003. Music video. Rain does a cameo (along with JYP, Joon Park and Kim Tae Woo of g.o.d., Danny Ahn, etc.) in the MV for K-Pop duo OneTwo‘s song, “Here, Hips!” (or Americanized, “Shake That Booty!”) a year after Rain’s debut. What a fun song, haha! I would’ve jumped up and danced to it, yeah. The gist is, the duo is trying to get inside a club so they can be discovered by JYP (in real life, they already had been scouted by him). How many times can you spot the dark handsomeness of young rising star Rain? (Eight!) ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 2, 2017.

5 Responses to “[MV][5 clips] Rain video salad. (Including 3 Blasts from the Past.)”

  1. La vidéo des One Two ma bien fait rire !! Je ne connaissais pas ! En plus avec beaucoup de star .Thanks for sharing !


  2. How comes that JYP’s English is so good?? And Rain was so cute and handsome… I would probably have been living in Korea if I knew him in 2002 or 2003 🙂


  3. Love that blast from the past One Two video. Enjoyed seeing it again. JYP and company (Rain included) rolling up “in da club” with all that swag. I can only imagine how it really was. SMILES…….

    Oh and his voice live…….like butter. SMILES


  4. Sounds good, enjoy the memories as well. 😀💦🤗


  5. I also found the singing cut from V-live on YouTube yesterday and was thinking exactly the same – what a voice! Just so, between cooking and eating 🙂 Omg…


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