[15 images][3 vids] Rain check. (Incl. PLAC fashion, more Nylon Korea, dance covers, and Bali wrap-up.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

1/31. Asia’s fashion icon Rain and others talk about blue jeans in Korea for denim fashion brand PLAC. Apparently, Rain’s cut was done while he was on the London Fashion Awards Red Carpet. ^@@^ (Source: PLAC @ Naver. CLICK the image below to visit their page and to view the full video.)



1/30. Fashion brand DAIZ shared two more images from Nylon Korea Magazine’s Rain feature and pictorial for February 2017. ^@@^ #technicolorrain




Wondering how the DIA TV x Rain Cover Dance Festival competition is going? It’s going like gangbusters and the “The Best Present” video entries have been pouring in! There are so many out there, I haven’t been able to watch them all — nowhere close — but here is a sample playlist that Cloud Thailand has on their YouTube channel, so that you can get a taste. Enjoy! Some of the participants have truly made my day, and it’s a testament to how much “The Best Present” and Rain are adored far and wide. 🙂 ^@@^

Original announcement. (Source credit: RAIN’s Official Channel)

Playlist, 23 videos. (Source: rainscloudthailand)



In case you haven’t heard, our favorite newlyweds and South Korea’s favorite power couple got back home from their Bali honeymoon last Friday the 27th, safe and sound. And, as I understand it, for all the fan interaction they allowed in Bali, there were a few days where they were in seclusion in a private area that could only be accessed by boat (awesome!).

Unfortunately, there was one incident that happened upon returning from said private area where security lost control and Rain got briefly hemmed in and took a shot to the face from some crazy flailing woman (stupid fool, honestly? hands to yourself!). Needless to say, the Indonesian press wrote articles about Rain’s “impolite fans.” The good thing is he brushed it off and he’s okay. And he’s home. And he got a well-deserved break from his killer schedule, finally. If it took a honeymoon to do that, well, thank God!

Anyhoos, here are some final parting shots from the past 2½ whirlwind weeks! ^@@^

Seoul. Back home! (Credit: Osen)


Bali. With fans. ^@@^ (Credit: Suhesty Septian)


(Credit: Pamela Pritasari)

Seoul. The groom, getting ready to get hitched. ❤ ^@@^ (Credit: mealtopbingsoo)


 Ready for his reception, with bestie Kevin Ra. ^@@^


The wedding reception at The Skyfarm. ^@@^ (Credit: foodie_yun)


Let’s close this puppy out with an awesome tweet by someone watching Rain wrestling on Knowing Brothers that cracked me up and gets a thumbs up. 😀 ^@@^

“Wait… he’s got a strong body, too? What does he lack, then? Visual ✅ body ✅ singing ✅ dancing ✅ cute ✅ pretty wife ✅ all check”


~ by Cloud USA on February 1, 2017.

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