[video][choreography] Rain and crew get “The Best Present” down pat.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

**UPDATE: R.A.I.N.  Company has taken the video down. At this time, it is unclear why. ^@@^


I love behind-the-scenes/practice videos, especially where Rain and his Fab Ones are concerned. Thanks for this, R.A.I.N. Company! ^@@^

(Source credit: RAIN’s Official Channel @ YT / Rain @ VLIVE TV)

~ by Cloud USA on January 30, 2017.

13 Responses to “[video][choreography] Rain and crew get “The Best Present” down pat.”

  1. Overthinking it…..me thinks. SMILES. Knowing Rain, it has zero to do with his physique or his clothes. He has shown himself in all kinds of states of dress from casual and full of sweat to “dressed to the nines” sharp as a tack. His weight (like all of us) has fluctuated over the years and he’s never shied away from that either. If I’d wager a guess, more than likely it may be about the choreography itself. Maybe he put something in it that he didn’t want shown publicly just yet. Maybe he was in a mood that day and simply didn’t feel like being accommodating to anybody. He’s human too. Goodness knows I have days like that. SMILES………………..

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  2. It could be because the quality of the video itself was pretty poor. That’s the first thing that hit me, how un-crisp it was.

    They’ve released plenty of baggy-clothed practice videos before, where his clothes were even more ill-fitting than here, and didn’t take them down. (whereas looking good is the name of the game for him and any celeb, Rain hasn’t seemed that superficial to me when it comes to practice sessions… of course you’re not gonna look like a million bucks JMHO) The only difference between those videos and this one that I noticed is the quality. I could be wrong.

    I also have to wonder if there was something in the background that we didn’t need to see… haha. Just a thought.

    This is all just my honest reaction. Maybe we’ll find out… maybe we won’t … maybe it’s something so simple it won’t be worth mentioning… I wish they’d put another version up or something, doggonit.

    Stephe ^@@^

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    • Could be. At the very end of it he didn’t seem to be to pleased. I don’t know but the vibe seemed different, just guessing. Hope I didn’t offend you, I wasn’t implying that he was vain. He’s been out of the spotlight for quite sometime now and him image is important now that he’s older. I’m a long time follower of his and a halmeoni and being older I tend to say what I think. I always have and will forever be a fan of Rain’s. He is a silver lining in this troubled world


      • No, no offense taken at all! I’m glad you shared your view and started a conversation. I totally agree that the vibe was different. For all I know, you could be on to something…

        Halmeoni to halmeoni, I’d rather people say what they really think.you know? (Without flaming Rain or other commenters, that is. Being constructive is the name of the game.) I also think that he’s probably not too happy about the effects of age and the little things you start noticing mid-30s,haha.:)

        Didn’t have to be one reason, either… We might have hit on several reasons the vid came down, to tell the truth.

        Stephe ^@@^


        • He’s been so busy with his tour and the drama in China that there’s a big gap of current videos and he hasn’t really had time to deal with the fact that as an international star he can easily lose that personal touch that people have come to know him by. Maybe they are guilty of over thinking things like I am. 🙄🤔😊
          I just wish him success in all that he does. Hopefully he will comeback with more music after this one. What’s the old saying? Strike while the irons hot!💪🏽

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        • Ummm hmmmm. I find a guy hitting 30 through 55 to be priiiiime time. Not just because I’m older either. Even when I was a teenager, there were plenty of male stars that everyone else thought were sexy and I couldn’t see it, but once they crossed into that mature thing it hit me like gang busters. I can only think of Sean Connery and Yul Brynner right now on the American side. Oh, Brad Pitt and George Clooney fall into that category for me too. Song Seung Heon looked like pure boredom to me in his older dramas when he was young and fresh and still wet behind the ears, but later…

          Anyway, I think Rain will always be sexy, even if he gets a pot belly in his 50’s. lol He’s just such a guy which carries with it that machismo that you can smelllllllll. Excuse me Ms. Tae Hae but yo’ man is a public figure. In just lookin’ and imaginin’ but not touchin’. 😉 Oh, I forgot, if given a chance, I’d be sniffin’ too. But I think it’s okay cause my fandom from a respectful distance will keep y’all paid. That makes it okay, right? 🙂


    • I agree with you! I’m very fond of practice videos. Without all of the glamour of a real video or show, the essence of the dance shines thru. I notice the choreography better and to top it off Rain looks great in just a simple sweatpants and T-shirt. Of course this is just my humble opinion.

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  3. Maybe it’s because the first thing that came to my mind is how Rain looks a little heavy. It’s his clothes of course they aren’t flattering to his physique. But that’s all I can come up with. Image is everything

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    • I don’t know why it was taken down but after following Rain for all these years I’m sure he had a good reasoning behind it. My personal opinion is he didn’t need to if it was just a visual matter. There are plenty of very good looking idols out there but for me the most important thing is talent. And Rain has it by buckets full! That’s why he is my favorite artist since the moment I heard his first song an continues to be to this day. 🙂

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  4. why did he delete it


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