[15 images][clips/fancam] Honeymoon check: Flyin’ off to and arriving in Bali, Indonesia. (1/22)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


That’s right — I’m naming this a Honeymoon check so that those out there who are celebrating Rain immediately know what they’re getting, and those out there who are vilifying and badmouthing him can turn away just as quickly, without clicking.

I’m hoping this is the only one, actually. I’d rather Mr. and Mrs. Rain not be bothered by photo hounds during this private time. God knows, they get enough of that back home! However, it has seemed to me like Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been intentionally sharing brief glimpses of this momentous shift in their lives with us fans so that we do feel included, which is nice. So, who knows? There may yet be one more glimpse of them taking a tour at a landmark or something. Time will tell.

Gosh, they look so amazing and so happy — he looks just tickled pink! and is soooo protective — that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. ❤ 😀 ^@@^

1/22. Jetting off to Bali on honeymoon, via Incheon Airport. (Credit: stardailynews)

1/20. A full report on all things Rain and KTH by a K Star News reporter who was on the scene of the wedding. (Credit: K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스)

At Incheon Int’l Airport. (Images credited to various media, as tagged)







Arriving in Bali, via Ngurah Rai Int’l Airport (a.k.a. Bali Airport). Images and Insta cam credited as tagged.




~ by Cloud USA on January 23, 2017.

14 Responses to “[15 images][clips/fancam] Honeymoon check: Flyin’ off to and arriving in Bali, Indonesia. (1/22)”

  1. It is so crazy – why can’t celebrities marry??? RainRain and Tae Hee are so happy now, no more hiding out and staying away from the public eyes. He confessed his love for her and she did the same to him, Enjoy life

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  2. First thought: it’s got to be such a relief to be able to hold the hand of “your person” and stop giving a da*n what anyone else thinks about it.


  3. Anyone who is not up for a rant right now, please turn away.

    Thank you!


    The crowd at Incheon cheering for them really comforted me. All of the support he is getting right now in Korea and from the global music community and even in the fandom really comforts my heart.


    You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in these 7 years at Cloud USA, it’s that Rain is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

    Fans wanted him to come back, so he came back, but no, he needs to be told HOW to come back, apparently.

    He could have waited 4 or 5 more years to finally get married, and he still would have been cursed out and told “how dare you.” He could have married someone else even, and it wouldn’t have mattered a hill of beans. Folks who deny that, dem lies. They would find fault with ANY woman he wanted and they know it, because APPARENTLY even though he’s the “most perfect man alive” and adored and his word is golden, his word isn’t enough when he expresses who is being good to him. Apparently over thousands and thousands of miles, some fans know better and are psychic and can tell by osmosis the characters of the people in his life while he, a grown, 35 year old man who does NOT let anyone tell him what to do and does not take disloyalty or betrayal and has been around his now-wife for years, is apparently clueless and needs his hand held.

    I mean, how insulted he must be to be treated like he’s 10.

    I absolutely understand how hard the last week has been for those who are saddened by his marriage, and I feel for them. I’ve had fantasies burst on me in my life, and it’s hard. It sucks! But the MEAN ones who are vilifying him and name-calling and have their asses on their shoulders as if he signed a contract handing over his personal life, I got no love for. I got no love.

    He promised us concerts, songs, dramas, movies, fan meetings, fan love, great fun, and to represent himself honorably. He did NOT promise not a one of us his life, his body, celibacy, or his hand in marriage.

    *sigh* No one has to like or agree with what Rain does, that’s fine. But don’t treat him like some horrible, terrible person all of a sudden. He doesn’t deserve that, from anybody.


    Stephe ^@@^

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    • Whoa, uh oh………remind me to never, “evah” piss you off lady! LOL! Hey, I feel you on the above rant.

      Wait…..what…….he didn’t promise us his body???………well damn. LOL. (*JUST KIDDING*)

      Your last sentence, I’d love to “holla at a brotha” about once he has returned from his honeymoon in paradise. As a fan in the West, I have only one itty, bitty gripe….but that’s for another day. SMILES.

      I am sure if Clouds who read this blog didn’t know how you feel and where you stand, they sure as heck know now. Seeing some of the comments this past week gave me pause too. The lines between fantasy and reality got blurred for some people, just like looking-through-petroleum blurred. SMILES. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve always kept a firm grip on reality (even through my ogling of said superstar…..Smiles).

      In our world, it’s really quite simple. As a fan or fangirl, always tell yourself that he is just a celebrity to you……that’s it…..period. He’s not a personal friend that you call up and chit chat with (although that would be hella cool….Smiles), he is an entertainer. He entertains us with his awesome talent……that is it. Personally, I’m real clear on that. LOL.


      • LOL!

        Well, now, let me amend my statement right quick. His body… He did promise we could LOOK at it. Ahaha~

        Honestly, I do feel for my sad sisters. My arms are around them. But dem MEAN girls, puleeze.

        My last sentence? *thinks a minute* Uh-oh. *looks sheepish* Sorry, Rain, she comin’ fa yaaaaa! LOL~

        Stephe ^@@^


        • LOL, Stephe.

          I was just gonna say…yeah. He is an entertainer, after all. If he didn’t want us to look, he wouldn’t put himself out there.

          There may be less of that in the future now that he’s married, though. I don’t know. But as long as he’s singing and dancing and acting for us, I will remain happy as a clam.

          I truly do hope they live a long and happy life together and have lots and lots of babies. And since they are Catholic…well, it’s not like they’re going to be trying NOT to have them. So, if they’re lucky, that should be a shoo-in real quick like. LOL.

          Terri :-}


    • Boy… talk about a reality slap. If they did not get it by now, they never will. I am cheering you on. You how I like to vent to you.

      He is my eye candy and he helps me stay in a youthful fame of mind. He is the only star I have ever became a fan girl, at my age. I was not captured by his good looks that came later, but by his singing and dancing.

      The first time I saw a video of him he was mirror dancing HIP SONG and was in a hoodie, cap and sweats so I did not see his face but I was grooving on that song and his moves. I posted it on my face book page, you can image the ribbing I got for it. In the short time I have been a Cloud he has never disappointed me.

      I shall continue to enjoy that incredible talented voice and dancing. “chocolate abs, tight butt, smoldering looks…. oh,oh sorry a fantasy lapse. (HAHA)

      Don’t hold back went ever you feel a “rant” coming on. The choir will back you up. 🙂 🙂


  4. Congratulations again to the both of you


  5. This (the hand holding side by side in public)….they should’ve done this a long damned time ago…and I mean that in the nicest way. SMILES. I’ve talked with other Clouds and some of us agree, seeing him with his woman (now wife) would’ve made his getting married an “easier pill to swallow” for some folks. SMILES. It got real Deep for some.

    BTW if it was me, no way in hell I’m telling anybody where my honeymoon spot is going to be. I need to get my “Hip Song” on in private….*winks* LOL!


    • The need for Korean celebrities to hide their dating is so wrong. I agree that if some of his fan could have seen them together and the love between them, their marriage would not have cause some of them such problem. Then again there are those that it would not have matter. Fantasies don’t stand up well in the light of Reality. I want him to be happy with his soulmate, they rare. He deserves all the happiness he can find and in her I think he has. Live long and Prosper My Curious Boy.


      • I agree with you there regarding “fantasy” and “reality”…….some of the comments I saw. I was like Wow! I also agree that it is high time Korean celebs start dating out in the open. I mean really, who the heck cares who you date (unless it’s an axe murderer….Lol)? Besides, no one can tell you who to date either…..it’s your life, your choice. If your fan(s) leave, then they weren’t your true fans in the first place. IMHO. Smiles!


  6. I love to see them together. It’s refreshing to see such pure love. Actually, it’s not easy to be in her place, and he has been trying to do his best to protect her, so I am sure he will do it in future too. I am so grateful that they agreed to show this to us!


  7. It’s actually pretty wonderful to see Rain being able to walk hand in hand with his Love in public. And they do both look so, so happy. 👏👏👏😃😃😃


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