[25 images][clip][letter][trans] Friends (and the press, of course) share Rain & Kim Tae Hee’s big day. (1/19)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(g.o.d. legend and veteran K-Pop artist Joon Park, on Instagram.)

Rain’s and beloved Korean actress Kim Tae Hee’s touching wedding took place today at 2 PM at Gahoe-dong Catholic Church in Jongno-gu, Central Seoul. (A “dong” is a neighborhood, and “gu” is the district or county.) The pastel-tinted reception was at the elegant SkyFarm Restaurant. Reports say that there were 100 guests, JYP sang “You’re The One”, and Honey Lee (Rain’s Please Come Back, Mister cast mate, a.k.a. Lee Ha Nui) caught the bouquet!

Needless to say, both events were star-studded to an amazing degree, and the newlyweds were literally glowing. Rain’s happy face is pretty much all we need. Happiness abounds! ❤

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

(Longtime Rain friend Kevin Ra, on Instagram. ^@@^)



(Restauranteur and entrepreneur Noh Hee Young, on Instagram. According to her post, CEO Noh’s YG Foods team and chefs were involved in the reception preparations at The SkyFarm. ^@@^)



(Professional make-up artist Jung Saem Mool, on Instagram. ^@@^)


(Bride Kim Tae Hee’s heartfelt letter to her and Rain’s fans. 🙂 ^@@^)

“Hello. This is Kim Tae Hee. Firstly, I’m very thankful that so many people congratulated and supported us on the sudden news. The first day of our long journey together is today, and we want to share the first step with the support of our fans who loved and cared for us. We’ll care for each other, respect one another, and do our best to help the other with what we lack. With the warmth that I have learned from your overwhelming love, I’ll do my best to repay you as an actress and do the best as the wife in a family. The man who will be my life partner and I will support each other and give each other strength. I hope no one gets sick in this cold weather, and I pray you’re healthy and happy in the new year. Once again, I sincerely thank you all.”


(At the SkyFarm Restaurant and en route: Rain dancer Kim Yongduk / Kevin Ra with PSY / Joon Park ^@@^)




(Yonhap News reports on a “007 wedding operation”, haha. 🙂 ^@@^)
(various press and media)




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22 Responses to “[25 images][clip][letter][trans] Friends (and the press, of course) share Rain & Kim Tae Hee’s big day. (1/19)”

  1. LOL When I wish them well and hope for kids soon, to make this grandmotherly fan happy. I really did not mean it literally HA HA. WOW what a year for them. Their wedding was everything you would expect from to very private people living in a fish bowl. The love they felt for each other was share with those that shared that private life. Their letters to the fans was as personal as you can get between a personality and their fans. My continued prayers for a very long and happy life together “OH! AND MORE RAIN DROPS.


  2. I am really happy for Rain’s Family. He and TaeHee were very wise in how they planned the wedding and how to live life afterwards. Cudos to the Jung Family!!


  3. I feel Jung (Rain Bi) was very intelligent to have a low-profile wedding ceremony, even though it was not really, to the avoid the negative press news or comments from netizens. I am happy for the Jung Family!


  4. Late to the party as always. Anyway, I figured Rain was pretty serious when he adopted the same religion as Kim Tae Hee. Best of luck to them both.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on your marriage may God bless the both of you.


  6. All the best to our RainRain and Tae Hee 👏🏾🎊🍰🍾🤗


  7. Glad they were able to have the special day to themselves. I do wish we would of had some time to put together a wedding gift or something for them but it is more important they were able to do it for their friend and family.


  8. I adore Rain and I hope he will be very happy with Kim T!


  9. Many blessings.


  10. Those playes look like medievil royalty (sageuk royalty? kekeke) but they also look heavy as heck. Imagine trying to lift your plate – “pass the kimbap, please”. I can just see mashed potatoes being flopped of the plate now. *I know. My mind goes really weird places. Hope the plates aren’t made of lead.*

    I like her wedding dress okay, but underwhelmed by her choice of “after dress”. I just expected something – wow. I mean they are Hallyu Royalty after all.

    I’m not bashing, my thoughts always run towards fashion and decor so…


  11. Where is Papa Jung and Hana? They stay “hidden” don’t they? SMILES Especially Hana. SMILES


    • Don’t they though? Then again, both families were extremely careful not to be photographed at all that day, weren’t they?

      Terri :-}


      • That I don’t understand. In the US, you’d be hard pressed to keep your family out of all your wedding pics. They’d be “cheesing” from ear to ear in every frame. LOL. Is it a culture thing or is it a Rain’s family thing? At least his dad makes an appearance every now and again. SMILES. Just wondering.


  12. do you think they will ever show the wedding bands/engagement ring that kim tae hee is wearing, i bet its spectacular!!


  13. So Happy for them

    That was the best kept secret and misdirection since the taking down of bin laden. Kudos!

    The one thing that I hate about Korean culture is the taboo on their celebrities dating openly.

    Just seeing them together openly, you can’t help but see the love between. them.

    Well done my curious boy, well done. Now go and make grandmotherly fan happy with so kids.(HA)


  14. Such a beautiful love story and wedding. I really admire their style, from the proposal song, to Rain’s personal announcement for his fans, to the way they handled the media to protect their privacy. Congrats to the newlyweds! May they enjoy many years together.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. *tears* i’m so happy for them.


  16. Wow! Didn’t know they were engaged. Lovely couple!


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