[Rain letter][Eng trans] Yes, Rain is going to the chapel and he’s gonna get married!

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Some of you have already heard the breaking news: Rain kept his word and let us Clouds and fans know first by handwritten letter on his social media that he is going to marry his longtime lady love, actress Kim Tae Hee. He is not leaving his career — he still has lots more singing and acting to do for us, and goals to fulfill. But, after 16 years, many of his fans have gone on to establish households and have kids, and he wants that too, like any normal human being (he’s 35, for Pete’s sake!). He’s the only son and the eldest child (out of 2) in his family. It’s important, donchaknow? Especially when he’s fortunate enough to be deeply in love. 

(By the way: Terri’s “The Best Present” lyrics — English and Romanized — are now up on the Rain Discography page in our homepages. An incredibly romantic wedding song… what a surprise, NOT.^^)

Our heartfelt congratulations to The.Man.We.Love! It’s about doggone time. This next era should be pretty interesting, and will hopefully involve The Return of Superman, keke~

This is for you, Rain. ^@@^ :-}


~ by Cloud USA on January 17, 2017.

14 Responses to “[Rain letter][Eng trans] Yes, Rain is going to the chapel and he’s gonna get married!”

  1. Much congratulations to RAIN and Kim Tae Hee. When one is fond of a person and you care about them, you want to be happy for their successes and good fortune and are happy with what makes them happy. I wish RAIN much happiness with his new wife. I wish them both lots of love and happiness. Start off with positive and good thoughts, no negativity. Those who love you will want to see you happy. Sometimes others can be selfish, but let them if that is the case. Don’t worry about that, focus on your marriage and new life together. God bless you both and you become one family and build a family together. Peace and love from me to you.


  2. You coulda knocked me over with a feather! While I figured this news would be coming in the near future, I stumbled upon it elsewhere first and assumed “This can’t be true because Cloud USA would’ve told me first!”

    Well, you did. But I tend to save my emails from CLOUD USA for when I’ll have time to savor all the images and videos and I someone else had emailed this to me (pics of the wedding): http://couch-kimchi.com/2017/01/19/rain-and-kim-tae-hee-are-married/

    First thing I did was checked my Cloud USA emails and sure enough, you’d told me.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple. Now, in true buttinsky surrogate mother- in-law style, when can we expect some little Droplets pattering around?

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  3. OMG I am so happy for Rain!!!! About time!!!! I wish him and Kim Tae Hae so much happiness!!!! I hope they have little Rain and Tae Hae running around!!!!


  4. This is wonderful news! His letter to “us” was very touching and thoughtful. He is so humble and truly does care about his fans. I hope he and his bride-to-be will have a marriage that fulfills their hopes and dreams. I’m sure their children will be treasured. Very happy news!


  5. Awwww, this is so sweet, all the best to our RainRain and Tae Hee 🤗🎊💦🍾🤗


  6. I am beyond happy!!!! I have not been on this journey with him, as long as you have and some of his original Clouds. But, in this short time, I have grown to love this incredibly talented and handsome young man.

    My prayers will always be with him and his new family. And my mother’s prayer is for many years of happiness together and many healthy children.

    His letter to his fans was a like a letter to a close family member and in many ways his fans has been just that, family. Hope we can continue to


  7. Congratulations Rain and Kim Tae Hee. It’s about time you get married and become a father, something that you earn for so much.


  8. Well, we knew this day was coming eventually. It’s no secret some Clouds are devastated. Personally, I say congratulations to Rain and the future Mrs. Jung. Although, I can’t help but notice the “head nods” to parenthood in Rain’s cryptic letter. You ain’t slick Baby Boo…….I “see” you. SMILES!

    *Just saying*…………………..


    • There are a lot who are over the moon, too, you notice? I wonder what the # ratio is so far, for compared to against? His Instagram followers have increased, as have the MV views, and him and Kim Tae Hee have been trending for hours in Korea. People want them to get married. Ain’t that a trip?? ^@@^


      • The ones who want him to get married are his older fans I think. The ones who are like…Aww, hell no!….are the younger ones. You know, the ones still in the *I-can-still-fantasize-he-is-my-man* age range. LOL. You know, the *maybe-I-still-have-a-shot* age range. LOL. Honestly, I think some fans like to talk that “we support you Bi” talk (in public)…but at home they’re like……..”that tramp!” LOL.

        Don’t get mad Clouds…..I’m just saying. SMILES. Overall, I think more fans are probably happy for him than not.


  9. Depuis le temps que l’on attendais . Et voici cette belle nouvelle . Il a tenue parole , en nous le disant . Cela fait bizarre tout de même . Attention Cloud , à nos propos maintenant quand on parle du sex appeal de Notre Rain !!
    Félicitation à lui , il mérite tous le bonheur .


    • Salut, Lydie! Je suis entièrement d’accord. J’ai attendu longtemps pour que cela se produise, pour lui avoir un bon partenaire qui le soutient bien et accomplit sa vie. Il aimera toujours sa carrière et ses fans, mais il devrait avoir ce bon amour, homegrown aussi!

      Stephe ^@@^


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