[4 images][7 clips] Rain’s Special Stage at the 31st Golden Disk Awards. (& Golden Disk blasts from the past!) (1/14)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Wouldn’t you know it — I needed to pet-sit for my son the very weekend of Rain’s comeback to the music scene. Whuuut? But if you’re a Cloud, you have Plan Bs for stuff like that, yessir! So… I took a good nap Friday evening and when 3:30 AM Atlanta time Saturday morning rolled around, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on their sofa with a bowl of snacks, a beverage in one hand, my phone (with V App opened) in the other, and my laptop opened to JBTC’s V-Live Channel, waiting for Rain’s Golden Disk Awards special performance.

Rain didn’t hit the stage until around 5:07, but all the idol groups and award presentations kept me pretty entertained.

The two hosts spoke warmly of him. I liked that.

The intro to his special stage was visually awesome and gave us an early glimpse into the upcoming music video. Rain and his Fabulous crew did not disappoint.

I loved watching Rain’s adorable juniors in the entertainment industry enjoy his performance. They were either respectful, transfixed, or jamming along with him. I. Love. These. Boys! ❤

I applaud our angel in white for a job well done! How about you, fans and Clouds?

While we’re at it, let’s enjoy some Rain Golden Disk blasts from the past. Scroll down!

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

2014. Rain, BEAST, and other Cube artists accept the Producer of the Year award for their ailing CEO, Hong Seung Sung. BEAST members were having a bit of a laugh over how GiKwang was dwarfed by Rain, bless his little heart.^^ Heck, they all were, haha! ^@@^ (Courtesy of mazingga0625 / Credit: 미성년)

2008. Won a Best Artist Bonsang for Rainism. (Courtesy of fenlook)

2004. Won a Best Artist Bonsang for “It’s Raining.” (Credit: Rosejin /courtesy of manloverain)

2002. Won a New Artist of the Year for “Bad Guy.” (Courtesy of maruborarain2)

~ by Cloud USA on January 16, 2017.

4 Responses to “[4 images][7 clips] Rain’s Special Stage at the 31st Golden Disk Awards. (& Golden Disk blasts from the past!) (1/14)”

  1. I think that is cute and cool. The young guys look like real gentlemen. I think RAIN would be a good person for them to work with. Good talent, as well as good personality/character, respect, positive attitude can bring about greatness.


  2. Great coverage, thanks for sharing Stephe – great show


  3. I love this blog! There is SO MUCH on here! You’ve worked hard!


  4. I missed the wonderful live show darn it! But being able to watch this great blog coverage feels like I did! Thanks!!!


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