[3 images][Viki] From Stephe’s desk: Diamond Lover… so, how is this going to play out?


As I understand it, Viki will be providing a special recut version of Rain’s Chinese TV drama Diamond Lover on the 9th. At first, I thought, “Woot!!” Cool! And then, I thought, “Eh, how?” As in, how’s this going to play out?

This is what they say on the Diamond Lover page on their site:


Stuff you need to know: See, back in the day, I could not wait to watch this drama. The long trailer had me so hooked! But then, production stuff that I didn’t like hearing came down the grapevine — the production company wanting to add on extra episodes after Rain finished the ones he was paid for (because of the massive viewership), Rain unable to do extra because he had a Squall schedule to keep, the company doing extra epis anyway without him, which wonked up the story and the ending so much so that even the Chinese viewers were pissed because Rain’s character got shafted. They didn’t like it, and Clouds were furious at the way his character just disappeared.

All of that totally soured me on the show. I didn’t want to watch it anymore. Who wants to see that? I hate when producers screw up a good plot for no good reason, ugh.

So, I’m very curious as to how this “recut version of the original drama”, minus 44 episodes and with a different ending is going to work out. Should be interesting, redoing a done deal and keeping it cohesive. They look to have Chinese connections, so I say go for it, Viki! Why not? 🙂

So, anyone who is interested in checking out Rain and Tiff, keep your eye on Viki’s Diamond Lover page HERE on January 9. (As far as I know, the episodes are supposed to be English-subbed by one of their hard-working teams.)

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~ by Cloud USA on January 6, 2017.

8 Responses to “[3 images][Viki] From Stephe’s desk: Diamond Lover… so, how is this going to play out?”

  1. I’m enjoying this!


    • Cool! I haven’t had the chance to start watching it yet — too doggone busy, waaahhhh — so, I was wondering how it was going and what y’all were thinking about it.

      Sounds promising!

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I can’t believe that after waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this show, I haven’t jumped all over it. Besides being busy, I think that now that I’ve seen a few C-dramas (only because favorite Kdrama actors were in them), the whole dub their voice thing turns me off and the shows have just been terrible – the camera work and directing had the actors’ timing off (how long they pause before speaking) which may be because of needing to give the Korean actor translated instructions or something but that’s what editing is for.)

        I’ll watch this, of course, but the urgency I felt for the last 2 (3?) years is gone.


  2. I remember waiting patiently to see this drama in the beginning and lost interest after all that Stephe said above. That being said, maybe I’ll check it out on Viki. I see two of the actors in this drama are also in the Wei Young drama I’m watching now as well. So, I’m now looking forward to seeing them act alongside Rain in Diamond Lover.

    Side note – Chinese dramas are so doggone long. I really like the drama I’m watching now, but that “puppy” could’ve been wrapped up 10 episodes ago. SMILES………….


  3. So glad you posted this. I just added Diamind Lover to my Viki watch list and then opened this email. I would’ve never read the Viki summary closely to realize that I won’t be watching the unabridged version.


  4. Oh, that sounds good! I had the same idea while watching the 68 long episodes 🙂 It’s a question how they would do it though… And yes, the original end was a bit unexpected for the western taste, it would be great to change it. But I’m afraid they might have had certain reasons in China for this ending (ehm, just speculation…).


  5. I hope the ending is different. Since the original was totally disastrous.
    Thanks for sharing!! ♥


  6. Thank you for sharing this information. I watched the first episode and thought this was another of Rain excellent dramas. His acting was refreshing to see. I have been trying to see this drama ever since. I look forward to seeing how this version plays out. Smiles from Puerto Rico.


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