[38 images][16 fan cams] Rain at The Squall concert tour stop in Singapore. (12/30)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^



Some newspaper articles say this is the last Squall concert, and some articles say it is the last concert of this LEG of the tour (which suggests more legs). Rain and his management haven’t clarified either way, so who knows? *shrug*

He did say on a Squall stage in front of a lot of people that he wanted to tour outside of Asia… things behind the scenes obviously haven’t worked out with that thus far, but the future is yet to be determined. As soon as he gets the chance, I look forward to seeing him in concert (Squall, non-Squall, new music, or whatever) here in the States. I will wait for as long as it takes. It is what it is. ^@@^

THISCLOSE. Well, he did say he wanted to be closer to his Clouds and fans, so… 🙂 ^@@^

Backstage. Rain and his Lovely Ones. Super cute! ❤ ^@@^ (Image credit: awake_rose @ IG, 12/30)


Can I borrow your phone? When you just have to stop and do a self-cam. LOL ^@@^

CLICK the image below to go to CloudUSAer Maliaka’s FB video. Thisclose! (Yes, he really held her hand) ^@@^


(All YOUTUBE fan cams credit: fz5366)
(Images credited as tagged)

















~ by Cloud USA on January 4, 2017.

4 Responses to “[38 images][16 fan cams] Rain at The Squall concert tour stop in Singapore. (12/30)”

  1. 🤗😜💦 Great performances, great show, only the best from our Rain
    Rain 😀👏🏾


  2. The “Ending” video proves to me that I was right about him (which you guys here already knew this, I’m sure) :
    There are LOTS of performers who can do (be taught) the breakdance and locking moves, but ask them to just dance like they’re at a party and they become “stiffys” or look awkward. Forgive me for staying the obvious but Rain is a natural born dancer. Take away all the fancy choreography and just let him stand there and move. (I can see myself on a crowded dance floor ending up in front of him…no wild arms gestculating, no legs kicking, just me and him listening and moving to the beat…

    Okay, I know y’all KNOW, but who else I’m gone tell? My family & friends wouldn’t get it so…


  3. Rain is amazing! He comes up with concepts for his concerts and rehearsal until the show is of the quality that he wants. As fan from outside Asia I keep my hope that one day we will get a concert closer in the U.S.. Till then I’m overjoyed by the news of Rain January 15 comeback. #raincomeback @29rain #💨United my smiles from Puerto Rico and love.


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