[info] Rain’s new album: Limited special package for fans. We need a head count for pre-orders!

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Hello, Rain fans and Clouds!

Many of you already know that Rain is coming back in January with a new album that drops on 1/15. And, as if that isn’t awesome enough, he and R.A.I.N. Company are planning to distribute a special custom package for the global and domestic fans and Clouds that have been patiently supporting him since his last comeback (Rain Effect, 2014). He understands that some special treatment from him is in order.

I can tell you, we all really appreciate that sentiment, right? ❤

This special limited fan package will consist of the album and Rain goods to be determined in the upcoming weeks. (Maybe that boss RAIN snapback hat that he posted on Instagram could get thrown into the mix, who knows? Wishful thinking! Fingers crossed!) The package is expected to cost around 40,000 Korean won, which is around $34.00 USD (this is just an estimate).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: R.A.I.N. Company has asked that each country/region take on bulk orders because they can’t send all of these packages individually on a global scale at this time. Cloud USA has committed to taking orders for Clouds and fans in the U.S. and Canada. So, if you’re in North America and you’d like to send an order through us, or if you don’t have a fan group or community that you can order through, we’d be glad to help and we need you to do the following ASAP:

Email us at LetItRain@cloudusa.org with your order, including your address. And please include “Rain Custom Album Package” or something similar to that in your subject title so that it comes to our attention right away.


°  This is only a head count for pre-orders. SEND NO MONEY NOW. Because this fan package is going to be limited and custom-made, Rain and his management need to know around how many to have produced and we need to get a number to them within the next few days. (OUR PRE-ORDER DEADLINE: December 22.)

°  There will be shipping costs. Those costs can’t be calculated without more info on the package and how many we’ll have coming, but please bear in mind that there will be some.

°  ONLY give us a pre-order if you are certain that you want it and will buy it. We don’t want R.A.I.N. Company left holding the bag for lots of custom packages. Not a good look for North America. Know what I mean? (Keep in mind that, odds are, the manufacturer will not accept additional orders after this round.)

°  We will respond to each email so that there is no question that we received it. If you don’t get a return email by Thursday of this week, please email us again and mention that it is your second time. Don’t assume that we’re ignoring you — entering an email address can get wonky, and more than likely we simply didn’t get it.

° Please don’t forget to tell us how MANY custom packages you want us to order for you.  If you don’t let us know, then we’re going to assume you are ordering ONE.   – Terri :-}

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned!

OMG, Rain will be coming down on the rooftops soon. So exciting! 😀

Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org


Please check this link to see if there is an established country/regional fan site in your location: (cloudusa.org/rains_world)

If you can’t find a site to order through, do send an email to the official Cloud oversees fan coordinator at raincloudworld@gmail.com, as it might be possible for them to help you order this special package. Thumbs up! ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on December 19, 2016.

20 Responses to “[info] Rain’s new album: Limited special package for fans. We need a head count for pre-orders!”

  1. Hi,how much 1 set ?


    • The ESTIMATE is $34. (the price could change depending on circumstances)

      We are at our deadline and are being asked for the number of pre-orders, so please if you want a set, email us RIGHT AWAY at Letitrain@cloudusa.org if you haven’t already.

      Give us your name, address, and how many. Thank you.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. I would like to order Bi Rain new album and I don’t know how to order the album. Can you please help me.


    • Danielle, where are you located? The album itself does not go on sale until January 15, 2017.

      Right now R.A.I.N. Company has asked for only a head count, or pre-order numbers, so that they know how many special limited edition Rain fan packages (album and goods) to produce. If you know for sure you want one of those, please email us your pre-order to Letitrain@cloudusa.org

      If you only want the album, you can buy that and/or download it when it’s released in January. I hope this helps!^^

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Danielle, we’ve received your order from Heidi.

      Thank you for giving me your address.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. I’m so excited! Thank you for handling this for us Clouds. Sent my email today!


  4. Hello clouds I would like an information please me and my friend here from Brazil would like to know if you have how to order Rain kit with you and what value for us here thank you very much await response


  5. Sorry…. I was so excited I hit enter before I could finish my post. As you can see I am sooo…ready. Please us posted. My order is in. 🙂


  6. OMG!!!


  7. I’m so excited to hear RAIN ☔️ IS COMING BACK! For sure I’ll get that custom album package! Mabuhay!❤😍


  8. Thank you
    just sent mail !


  9. Sent my pre-order email. So excited! Mostly to be finally being an active supportive fan cause I really don’t buy any music – I watch & download You Tube videos if I really like something.


  10. It’s really great to be notified of the release and the special fan package. How will the product be distributed once it is here–and by whom? And related–is there any news on the English subbed distribution of RAIN’s drama series in Taiwan or China? Diamond Lover and Endless August? Thanks!


    • Hi, Marie.^^ As we’re in the pre-order stage, we don’t have specific info on how the actual orders from us will be taken. But what should happen is R.A.I.N. Company will send the North American orders that we submit and pay for to Cloud USA in bulk quantity, so that we can distribute them over the U.S. and Canada.

      There is still no updated news on Diamond Lover or Endless August, unfortunately. We are always on the lookout for that…

      Stephe ^@@^


  11. Mission accepted………….007 BiAlamode out…….(*couldn’t resist*) SMILES. Terri I know you miss my brand of “cheesy”…that was just for you. SMILES

    I’m sending my email now.


  12. Stephe email is not working with Letlt .
    it said unable to deliver my mail.
    can you add me for ordering Rain Album Package ?
    let me know what I should do .thank you so much for your extra work that seems not easy for shipping to each individual after repackage


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