[18 images] Rain takes London, Part 3: Brick Lane street art, BAO London, & lots to see & eat! (12/5)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Silver Rain hit the streets of London (looking like the fashion icon he is) for some sightseeing on 12/5 before The Fashion Awards 2016 at Royal Albert Hall and took us all along with him, particularly along Brick Lane in East London, England to take in lots of street art. Thanks to R.A.I.N. Company for the great post and these awesome pictures! Major thumbs up! 😀

You can see R.A.I.N. Company’s full 12/7 post HERE, on m.post.naver.com. ^@@^





Aha! We see you in that shoe store shopping! Don’t be trying to look all nonchalant, Rain! keke~ ^@@^





Flea markets, vintage shops, and food galore. I’m betting Rain is about to follow his nose (i.e. he’s got the munchies). If there’s anything the man likes more than shoes, it’s food! 🙂 ^@@^






More, dude? haha~ ^_^ (BAO London, steamed buns and Taiwanese dishes on Lexington Street.) ^@@^


Across the street from one of the locations of the world renowned Sotheby’s. Wow! ^@@^


Then it was time to head back to London proper for The Fashion Awards 2016^@@^ (Image: R.A.I.N. Company)


…and for the MCM grand opening of a new store on Conduit Street the next day (12/6). ^@@^ (.gif by R.A.I.N. Company)


~ by Cloud USA on December 12, 2016.

5 Responses to “[18 images] Rain takes London, Part 3: Brick Lane street art, BAO London, & lots to see & eat! (12/5)”

  1. He fits right in with London’s street art does he not? SMILES. That black and white shot I like the most. He made good use of his time too, modeling for his brand. You go boyfriend! This is how one handles his business. SMILES. I wanna be like him when I “grow up.” SMILES.


  2. Once again Stephe, thanks for sharing great coverage of our RainRain🤗👏🏾💦


  3. Just one word “AWESOME”!!!. Thanks for the updates. Look like you are back in the saddle with a new PC?


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