[7 images] …and he’s outta there! Rain at Shanghai and Gimpo International Airports. (10/22)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Filming for upcoming Chinese TV drama Endless August is concluded. Leaving China yesterday via Shanghai HongQiao Int’l Airport. ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)





Arriving in Seoul yesterday via Gimpo Int’l Airport. Home, sweet home! ^@@^ (Images credit: 被郑网红逼疯的门儿)






~ by Cloud USA on October 23, 2016.

7 Responses to “[7 images] …and he’s outta there! Rain at Shanghai and Gimpo International Airports. (10/22)”

  1. He looks so cool. 🤓 Love our RainRain 💦🤗


  2. It has been establish that he makes anything he wears look cool. The glasses sorta bring back the character in Come Back Mister. I truly hope he take some time off to rest. We want him healthy.


  3. Is it just because I love him that I think it’s so cute that he had on those slouchy pants? I’m thinking “it’s so great that he isn’t dressed by a stylist as he goes to the airport. He just dresses like any guy would”. But then I realize if he was “any guy”, I’d be criticizing the sloppy look and length of those pants. But it’s him so instead I just give a longing sigh and think “how cool”.

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    • One thing has become abundantly clear over the years is that Rain wears what he wants and has an awesome sense of style. However, when celebs get to his level it’s not uncommon to consult their stylists from time to time, even when it comes to their airport swag. The airport is one of the most common places that paparazzi hang out to get those celeb pics. You better believe celebs purposely wear fly outfits (even if its casual) because they know it’s a given they’ll be photographed. Rain is no exception in that regard. In the past, we’ve seen him get on the plane in Korea in one outfit and get off the plane in another country with an altered look altogether (not all the time of course). All for that airport money shot. SMILES…………

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    • Oh and trust me we love Rain around these parts (no doubt), but we also have no problem saying when we don’t like something he has on. I have done so myself. A particular giant polka dot shirt comes to mind, as I say that. I hated that thing (and so did a few others of us)….But…..I’m sure Baby Boo knows it was all said in “love.” We don’t try to crush his ego too bad. SMILES……………….

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      • I’d take him in polka dots AND stripes at the same time! 😉


        • Well, I’d say taking an unsightly article of clothing “off” of him would be the option nearest and dearest to most every Cloud’s heart (*I’m guessing*) at least those who are honest. However, that’s a different subject for a different day. SMILES……………..


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