[Cloud USA poll][prelim] Rain’s best photo shoot since his 2013 return is…

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

**RESULTS: Looks like we have a winner — Femina Magazine in August 2015, with Tiffany Tang Yan, is the magazine photo shoot with the most votes! *applause, applause*

And Mentholatum (2015) got the most votes for best product sponsor photo shoot. 🙂 And, you know what? There doesn’t need to be a final run-off poll this week between Femina and Mentholatum. The simple fact is Femina got 3 times as many votes as Mentholatum in this poll, and there’s no reason to believe another poll wouldn’t yield the same results. So. Congrats, Femina! Rain, you heard it here. 🙂 Thanks for your participation, everyone. ❤ ^@@^


… for YOU to decide.

This week, choose your favorite magazine photo shoot and your favorite product sponsor photo shoot from after Rain’s military duties ended, and next week the two poll winners will go head-to-head for the overall championship! Rain likes knowing what his Clouds and fans think of his projects, so we’ll make sure to tweet all of the results to him. The deadline for this preliminary heat is end of day, Monday, October 17.

Have fun! Tell Rain what makes your favorite the best in the comments below. Dish away, all! 😀 ^@@^

CosmoMen, May 2016. (Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea)

Singles Korea, January 2016. (Credit: Rain’s Official Channel)

男人风尚 LEON, August 2015. (Source credit: Rayli.com.cn / Courtesy of biblueberry11)

Femina, August 2015. With Tiffany Tang Yan. (Source credit: iQIYI / Courtesy of Rainrunway629)

Dazed & Confused, January 2015. (Source credit: Dazed TV / Courtesy of ratoka)

Harper’s Bazaar Korea, February 2014. (Source credit: Harper’s Bazaar / Courtesy of Rains littlecloud)



Q-POP: Rain in Brisbane, December 2015. (Source credit: Tourism and Events Queensland)

WellcareFIT, August 2015. (Courtesy of terry820625)

LOVO-Home, July 2015. (Courtesy of ratoka)

MENtholatum Skincare for Men, April 2015. (Source credit: Mentholatum China / Courtesy of scorpiolabibi)

MENtholatum Skincare for Men, September 2013. (Source credit: ELLE TV / Courtesy of Rains littlecloud)









~ by Cloud USA on October 14, 2016.

8 Responses to “[Cloud USA poll][prelim] Rain’s best photo shoot since his 2013 return is…”

  1. Seeing as I’ve missed the voting on this post. I’ll just offer my choices in the comments. For Dee……..Baby Boo rates as follows:

    Magazine photo shoot: for me it was Singles

    Product sponsor shoot: for me it was the LOVO shoot

    My reasons: Although it was close between Singles and Cosmo Men. Singles edged out. He looked to really be in his “grown man sexy” element in that shoot. It registered in that shoot more so than any I’ve seen. He seemed relaxed, confident and just comfortable in his skin in that shoot. There was an ease about it. I don’t know, can’t quite put my finger on how to describe it, but the Singles shoot “spoke” to me more than the others.

    As far as the LOVO shoot goes, I like when he does CF’s that let a little of his personality come out. His commercials seem more natural when he’s able to put a little bit of his “inner comedian” in them. We all know he’s lovely to look at. I like it when he’s “himself”……..for lack of a better way to describe it. I like to “see” the man behind the pretty exterior sometimes. He’s a goof and I like to see that. I’ve always liked that about him the most. SMILES…………………….

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  2. Not fair, too hard to pick. 👏🏾💦👏🏾.


  3. Pour moi Singels Korea est le meilleur shooting . Il est très beau et sensuelle dedans 😛

    Et MenTholatum 2013 est mon préféré , car c’était le retour de notre Rain après son retour de l’armée ( d’ou il était sortie plus maigre que dans la pub ) , et de l’avoir vue comme il est dans cette pub cela ma fait un grand plaisir lol

    Merci pour ce quizz c’est sympas 😉


  4. This was sooo… hard, but the one with TANG was one of my favorites, because… I wanted to trade places with her. He can be so playful, but what else can I expect for my “curious boy”.

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  5. Singles was the best one! he looks so young there!

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  6. Links to the magazine covers don’t work. I get a strange message instead.


    • Hi, Marie. The magazine cover picture is not linked to anything. It’s just a composite image that I made. The way you choose your favorite photo shoot is by scrolling down, looking at the photo shoot videos, and then voting…

      Ahhh. There was a glitch preventing anyone from clicking on my cover composite image and going to the larger view. Sorry about that! Thanks for the tip, Marie. I’ve fixed it now.

      Stephe ^@@^


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