[4 images][2 articles][clip] Rain recognized at the BOF for his contribution to K-Pop. (10/1)

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Here is First Wave Hallyu king Rain in his recorded presentation (in Korean) at the Busan One Asia Festival, who helped bring the world to South Korea’s door throughout the 2000s as one of the best artists of that era.

And he’s still at it. 🙂 ^@@^ (Clip credit: Busan One Asia Festival / RAIN’s Official Channel @YT.)

Han Cinema 10/4/2016 —

Rain Awarded At K-Pop Festival in Busan

Singer Rain was presented an award for his contribution to promote K-pop worldwide as one of the best stars in the 2000s at a festival held in Busan on Saturday.

A bulk of K-pop stars gathered at the Busan One Asia Festival and gave brilliant performances.

Rain, who is currently in China shooting a soap, said in a video message to the audience, “I always felt very proud of representing Korea while on stages overseas, and the award will help me to continue to do my best.

Source : english.chosun.com/si…


Yonhap News Agency 10/1/2016 —

K-pop stars open K-culture festival in Busan


The 2000s introduced a number of idol groups, some of which today are seen as veterans who have fans all around the world. Girls’ Generation and T-ARA had fans fly in from across Asia. The stadium erupted when Girls’ Generation sang “Gee” and T-ara put on “So Crazy.” The word “hallyu,” or the worldwide spread of K-pop culture, became everyday vocabulary in the entertainment news section.

In a recorded video presentation, K-pop singer and Hollywood actor Rain referred to the 2000s as the blossoming era of multi-entertainment idol groups, which can sing, dance and act.

“That’s the time when we told ourselves that we represent Korea,” Rain reminisced.

» You can read this article in its entirety on Yonhap News HERE.








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  1. C’est vrai que les années 2000 ont apporter beaucoup de chanteur(euse) et de groupes féminin et masculin .


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