[series][34 images][interview][CFs] Rain Ad campaign of the day: CJ One Card, 2010. “Expand Your Life!”

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Rain’s CJ One card campaign rolled out through November and December of 2010, and showcased many of his projects — K-drama The Fugitive: Plan B, his Vol. 5 Rainism album comeback, and others from throughout his successful career. After all, the premise was “Expand Your Life.” Gosh, he was so hot, we were all whistling Dixie, baby. My goodness!

His CJ One interview didn’t come until October 2011, the week before he enlisted into the military for mandatory duty, as sort of a farewell, see you on the flip side. ^@@^ (CF source credit: cjone.com / 캐보꾸 @ DC / Re-up: scorpiolabibi @ YT.)

(English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) : What’s the limit of my ability?

What is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’s one card?

Rain : Becoming the person no one can replace.

Rain : Never stopping challenging the future no matter whether I achieve the goal or not.

Rain : Jung Ji Hoon’s one card is the challenge.

CJ One Card.






Making of clip. I’ve no idea why there is no audio, and there are several fan mades out there with music added, but they aren’t as visually clear as this one and it’s way more important to me that you experience the eye candy that is Rain properly. Ya got me?

Just put on a Rain song while you watch it. The visuals are MORE than worth it! ^@@^ (Source: kiyeonpark)




Interview clip. (Source credit: cjone.com / Re-up: ratoka @YT)

Rain CJ One 10.7.11 Interview Transcript (English)

By: Jung Bae @HelloKPop for Cloud USA

English translation credit, transcript notes, and [asides]: Jung Bae @HelloKpop. PLEASE credit accordingly, thank you!

Q [read from iPad screen]: You drew attention when you made two appearances on the TIME 100. I saw that you attended the celebratory reception, and I’m curious what kind of atmosphere that is. It must be quite grand, with the world’s 100 most influential people in the same place. What were the topics of discussion? Were you nervous?

Rain: I think making the TIME 100 is definitely something that I can’t leave out. [Note: It sounds like Rain was answering a direct question along the lines of “What was your most memorable moment” or something of that nature. Unsure what was going on with the editing here] When I first attended their party in 2005, that’s where I saw the likes of Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy, Jay-Z… I met them all there. Will Smith, in particular, recognized me first. It was like seeing a new world. I actually have a bunch of pictures lined up at home – who all was there, what year it was. You could say they’re my peers. On the same level as me. I’m just joking.


Q: [When was] your heyday? [Note: mostly one-word “questions” listed from this point on]

Rain: In some ways, when I did Ninja Assassin and received the MTV Movie Awards’ action star award [“Biggest Badass Star”], that was when things really blossomed for me. Think about it – I grew up watching Police Story and those Jackie Chan films, and there I was receiving an award from Jackie Chan. I had Snoop Dogg sitting next to me, all these American actresses, and Scarlett Johansson – I really like her – she was in my row. I could see her. It just felt so strange to me.

Q: Your acceptance speech?

Rain: That was really embarrassing. I couldn’t remember what to say. I wanted to speak, but I was like “What do I say?” And I couldn’t cry, either – everyone was dancing around, so that would have been weird. So I just had this really odd acceptance speech.

[Clip of acceptance speech]

Q: [Over Facebook]: Jang Geun-seuk appeared on The Knee-Drop Guru and said you guys drink together. I’m curious what your tolerance is, and who your drinking buddies are!

Rain: Geun-seuk… Yeah, he said that. He’s a really unique guy. Really talented. And I think that’s why he gets so much love from fans both in Korea and abroad, because of that freshness. He knows how to work and improve himself. I’ve had drinks with him, but he’s really not someone you should drink with. There will be big trouble. So I want to tell my sunbaes [elders] to be prepared before they drink with him.


Q: Your body age came out as 40 years old?

Rain: Yeah. That’s correct. A week ago I went in for my regular health exam. Everything’s normal. The liver function test came out as that of someone 22-24 years old; they also tested my stomach, did an endoscopy, everything. I’m apparently very healthy, but I did get that 40-year-old body age. It’s the joints – they’ve rusted, so to say. They said it’s like a robot with no oil. That sounds right, because when I wake up in the morning my joints do hurt…

Q: The end of your twenties?

Rain: My twenties are over… I want to return to that age. If only everything was like it is now, but I went back to being 25 years old. I could make friends with girl groups. I don’t need anything else – just that. Get acquainted with some girl groups, make friends. I don’t know why I was so preoccupied with work all the time back then. Back when I was on the scene, all we had was Lee Hyori. I wonder why that was?

Q: [Unable to read, due to low video resolution. However, from context it appears to be along the lines of “Who do you want to visit you while you’re serving in the military?]

Rain: Well, first of all, I don’t want male singers. Nor male actors. Nor my managers. A woman – just whoever, I’d like someone to come in a skirt. That’s it.

Q: About Boom, who recently finished his military service:

Rain: Right, Boom did get his discharge recently. It’s great, of course. He’s completed his duties well, and he’s really great for that. At any rate, I’m really jealous since he’s done now. Just being done already. I think timing is the most important thing in life. And this is the time for me to go serve. I’ll do it right.
































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