From Stephe’s desk: Terri & family truly appreciate all the prayers you’ve been sending up. Thanks!

1483671_10201073538141172_1500258093_o2Dear Clouds, Rain fans, and friends,

I bring you this news with a great sadness, but with lots of hope. (For those of you who are already aware, it’s an update.)

On Wednesday morning, Terri’s mom collapsed at home with what at first appeared to be a stroke, and was airlifted to a hospital stroke center. It was there that doctors discovered it was not a stroke. An aneurysm had burst in Ms. Betty’s brain.

It’s been touch-and-go, but Ms. Betty did well during her emergency surgery and we’ve all waited the past few days for her to wake up.

She began waking yesterday, little by little, thank the heavens.

Things are still very touchy in the ICU, but Terri and Terri’s dad and family are with her, and she’s a fighter.

Terri sends her best to you all and thanks you with her whole heart for your prayers and well-wishes this past week. She says, “Keep ’em coming!” (the prayers) as Ms. Betty’s not yet out of the woods and her recovery will be long-term. I thank you, too. With my whole heart. Ms. Betty is a kind, gracious lady who has always treated me like a second daughter. There are many people who need for her nourishing presence to continue in their lives.

I hope you all are having a wonderful, restful weekend. Tah for now. ❤

— Stephe ^@@^











~ by Cloud USA on September 25, 2016.

14 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Terri & family truly appreciate all the prayers you’ve been sending up. Thanks!”

  1. From the moment I heard, I immediately sent up prayers for Terri’s mom and I continue to whisper prayers for her and her family. It is my belief that God is in control, especially during our toughest times. Praying for a full recovery for Ms. Betty.

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  2. Terri you and your mother are in my prayers. I wish your mother a speedy recovery.


  3. Dear Terri, I hope turns well for your mother. Lot of prayer and well wishes. I really appreciate you


  4. With prayers for your Mom’s speedy recovery, Please take care of yourself so you can take care of her.


  5. Pour Terri , je suis en prière avec toi . Cela est un moment très dure , mais comme sa maman combat , il lui faut beaucoup de présence autour d’elle , beaucoup lui parler .

    Ma maman a été victime d’un Accident vasculaire cérébral en 2009 , elle s’en ai sortie , en étant paralysée du coté gauche , mais comme elle est forte , elle arrive a marcher , a manger et faire beaucoup de chose seul .

    Donc je sais que Terri vit un moment difficile en ce moment , je suis de tout coeur avec elle et sa famille , je vais prier pour sa maman .

    Fighting Terri , donné lui plein de Hug de me part Stephe !!

    Désoler pour ce long message .

    Gros bisous de France !!!


    • Lydie,

      Je suis juste de lire ce post et vu que votre mère a eu un accident vasculaire cérébral. Dites à votre mère pour continuer à se battre! Elle est dans mes pensées.

      Gros bisous,

      Terri: -}


  6. I wish Ms. Betty a speedy recovery and good health. She’s in my prayers as well as Terri. It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one in that condition when she was all good the day before! Terri needs all the support we can give her! 😞😞😞


  7. Dear Terri and family,
    I hope your mom gets better soon and has complete recovery.


  8. Sending up prayers for Ms. Betty, Terri and her family.



  9. Terri I hope your Mother is doing well . And as a Cloud I really appreciate all the work you do for us. 🌹

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  10. Is Terri also an administrator here? I’m only familiar with posts by Stephe?

    Anyway, whether she’s an admin or fellow fan, my prayers are with her and her mom.


    • Yes, Terri and I co-founded Cloud USA together. She works long hours, so it’s me on the blog and social media, and her creating and taking care of our homepages. But she does have blog posts here from when she was able.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hi, Beez.

      Yes, although you haven’t heard of me, I really am one of the co-founders of Cloud USA. :-}

      Stephe does all of the blog writing now, and has for a very long time, as I have a full-time job that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and keeps me extremely busy. So, I do the administrative, technical and legal work for Cloud USA “behind the scenes.” I pay the bills, negotiate deals, try to keep the website going, and work on long-term projects–like Rain’s Discography on our website and his Biography on our blog. I’m actually working on updates to both the discography and biography right now, but that’s going to take me awhile to finish. Stephe will announce those updates when they are complete.

      I miss writing on the blog a lot and truly wish I had time to write posts for you all, but sadly I don’t. So, I do what I can as the “silent” partner.

      And I try to keep Stephe happy, so she’ll keep writing posts for you. 😛

      Terri :-}


      • Very important jobs both of you have, to keep us informed and interested in front and behind the scenes.

        You have my deepest sympathies on losing your mom. I’ve been there and…I know.


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