[4 clips] Rain video salad. (And a cool blast from the past!)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Add your favorite dressing, stir well with a fork, and serve chilled. 😉 ^@@^

7/6. Rain’s brief interview for Tencent on Ent.QQ.com, in China. (Courtesy of artmistnnn)

Throwback clip, 2006. MTV’s coverage of Rain bringing his Rainy Day Tour to Madison Square Garden in NYC, and performing in MTV studios at Times Square. (Courtesy of maruborarain2)

7/6. Rain at the global press con for new Chinese TV drama Endless August, on Entertainment Eight Full (娛樂八分飽) in China. (Courtesy of Cloud Taiwan)

6/27. Entertainment report about the recent BOY LONDON Fall/Winter 2016 fashion show on CCTV6 in China. (Courtesy of Sherrysss Sherryloverain)

~ by Cloud USA on July 9, 2016.

17 Responses to “[4 clips] Rain video salad. (And a cool blast from the past!)”

  1. Alors les filles qui eu la chance en 2006 de le voir au Madison square ?
    Super vidéos 😉

    Et idem pour moi , je n’ai jamais été trop fan de quelqu’un , mais à mes 28 ans , mes amies me font écouter et regarder des clip de Rain , et là je tombe en amour pour lui 😀

    Thanks for sharing !!!

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  2. No worries you are preaching to the choir. But they are only showing what will bring in and keep up subscriptions and that to the uninitiated and tweens.


  3. Beez, just hang in girl, he is working hard to ease the pain.


    • Thanks for making me smile, libbie1124. But to know dramas exist and I can’t watch them is killin’ me. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with Viki & DF. They get all that other C-drama mess that I could care less about! *grumbling*


  4. Error with the video at MSG. Thanks for the sharing the rest I could see. Wish RainRain would come and perform again in New York. It’s been a while 😔💦👍🏾


  5. You know Beez, you may be right. When I am listening to him I am put into what use to be called a groove. Even if I do not understand the words. it is his voice and his delivery of the melodies that catches me. And when I finally do learn the meaning behind the songs it makes them even more soulful. His dance moves add just the right sexy spice to it all. And Beez there is not such thing as a RAIN withdrawal because all you have to do is think of him, see a picture or listen to one of his songs and it is all come back to you.


    • @libbie1124. Ohhhhhh yes there is. I’m having some withdrawal pangs now. ha!ha! Come Back Ahjusshi helped a lot. But not being able to see his Chinese dramas is driving me batty.

      And I bet that while he went to the military, the veteran Clouds must have really missed having no new music videos, movies, or dramas!


  6. I love your blasts from the past, because I have a lot to catch up on him. I feel like a teenager at my age. But I was never in to music idols as a teenager. I had a lot of crushes on actors and then I caught in the RAIN. My fascination with him grows with each new discovery. His talent and personality is so wonderful. He has become #1 on my bucket list and #2 is a 비 tattoo. I am enjoying this new found experience of discovering other cultures media. I am loving every minute of it. Please keep the Journey going.

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    • You know, after reading libbie1124’s post, I wonder if Rain strikes a chord because his sound is a throwback for many of us itself.

      I never got into rap music even though I was a teenager when it came in the scene. Rain takes me back to Al Green (Rain sounds much better though. I’m describing a mood moreso than comparing their sounds.) Now I would compare him to James Ingram. Peabo Bryson (although I’d have to give it to Peabo though in voice. But then Peabo can’t dance a lick so looks like Rain wins out as all around performer).


      • I can’t confirm it, but I’ve heard that one of the voice teachers he hired early in his career was black. To me, that says he knew what he had and knew what he wanted to do with it… ☺

        Stephe ^@@^


        • I absolutely LOVE Rain’s falsetto. And coming from me that says a lot because I hate most falsetto. (Never got into Prince when my friends were going gaga.)

          Rain’s falsetto in Love Song and in I’m Coming gives me chills! Hmmm. I just had a thought “is the name of that song ‘I’m Coming’ or ‘Rain’s Coming'” andswhen I thought that last phrase after just typing the word “chills”…


  7. OMGoodness! Thank you so much for the blast from the past that those of us newbies would’ve never seen before. He was just soooooo cuuuuute!

    *if a 57 year-old squees, is it still a squee?* haha!

    Funny too because I never joined in with my friends back when I was a teenybopper and they were joining fan clubs or buying teen mags. I just was never that impressed with our teen idols. Is this what they call age regression? lol


    • I didn’t do that stuff either, Beez. Oh, I had little crushes here and there, but I didn’t join clubs or overdose on teen mags. Not in my teens, my 20s, my 30s, or early 40s. Then Rain caught in the corner of my eye in my late 40s and it’s been 9 years of utter BLISS, ahahahaha!

      I’m pretty sure I squeeeeeeeeee even at 56. LOL

      You’re very welcome. He was cute as a button and twice as adorable. Some of my favorite pics come from that era.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I know that nowadays he plays with the audience because he knows what gets their motors humming, but in that retro clip, it seems as if maybe he was surprised at the response? As if maybe he didn’t know so many fans would be in New York?

        And oMO to the ‘Mo…his English at the Mtv studio was sooooo cute and he seemed soooo excited to be here (U.S.)

        If the Madison Square Garden concert was such a success (and I’m assuming it was), why no repeat concerts there (N.Y.) or anywhere here? Doesn’t he know we want to see him in all his sexy splendor? lol

        I’m assuming a lot based on watching YouTube videos and their titles of venue, but he seems way more “nasty” when he’s on stages that are not in Korea.

        I know I’m always just full of questions about Rain. My other biases are Song Seung Heon, Joo Jin Mo; and the younger puppies – Ji Chang Wook and Sung Hoon. But I’m happy to just look at them and watch their dramas. I have no need for more information the way I do with Rain. 😉


        • He said in interviews that he was completely surprised by the response here. He had expected the Asian American community to support him and they did, but the shock came when American women, black and white, all ethnicities, were so excited to see him that they couldn’t contain themselves. That’s when he told himself, I can make it here! He was totally dumbfounded Lol~

          He’s been back and forth here to perform at festivals and his own concerts, but just not lately. There’s been a lot of stuff that got in the way – – dramas, movies, the military, stupid lawsuits, endorsements, leaked songs, crooked concert promoters, you name it. He’s always had to split himself in half because his acting career is just as serious as his singing career. In Korea, there are singers who act and actors who sing. Rain is one of the few who the country recognizes as both equally…

          Stephe ^@@^


        • Oh, and it’s the same with my other biases. I’ll just watch their dramas and movies and MVs, but that’s it. I don’t need anything else, not like with Rain. It is what it is. He has spoiled me for other biases, haha. He is the only king of my castle. ☺

          He tickled me to death when he said we could all pay attention to other celebs while he was in the military, but that when he got out, we had to come right back to him. Ahahaha! Kekeke

          Stephe ^@@^


          • Well, since discovered him while he was gone, and spent 2014 reading about him and watching his dramas and music videos, he was just coming out of the military as I was running out things to watch him in. I guess that was fortunate cause I didn’t have to go through Rain withdrawal.


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